But I like my head in the clouds
Tue Sep 5, 2017 16:18

“I don’t want any,” Myffi answered with mild disgust, like somebody had tried to make her eat boiled haggis or something equally disturbing and unappetising. She might even have taken a step back in her haste to refuse the chips that the boy - L something… something beginning with L - was thrusting at her. “I just said I had my own, didn’t I?” she laughed a little then, quickly recovering from the unexpected onslaught of a fourth year with chips. “In my bag; I threw it in a tent for later.”

Myfanwy took a moment to critically survey the other student. “I’ve only seen one of the Batman films once and I don’t really remember which one it was or what it was about,” she rambled in her Welsh lilt, “but I can totally tell who you are from your costume.” It was meant as a compliment, even though the costume was quite basic really - at least he had decided on a costume and then worn it. Myffi’s own costume wasn’t even that specific because she was a random, generic fairy, not even one with a name or anything (she could have been Tinkerbell, she supposed, as that was the first famous fairy that came to mind, but the look that Disney had chosen was a little too short-skirted for Myffi’s personal taste, not to mention the voiceless pixie was blonde, and Myfanwy had very dark, almost black hair. Just being a generic fairy had more freedom for an easy-to-find thrift store outfit, and also real fairies were actually a real thing, and witches and wizards would know about that, whereas not everyone would know about a Muggle film or book or play or whatever Tinkerbell had come from) but she thought it looked pretty cute anyway, and at least people could tell what she was supposed to be. The wings were a huge giveaway. “There’s so many people here I’m not really sure what they’re supposed to be,” she confided with a smile.

Then, because they might end up chatting for a bit and the longer these things went on, the more awkward it got, she said, “I’m Myfanwy, by the way. What’s your name? I know I’ve heard it in class but I’m having such trouble putting names to faces and remembering where they belong.”

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    • But I like my head in the clouds - Myfanwy, Tue Sep 5 16:18
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