Or is it?
Fri Sep 8, 2017 10:38

Rose was a competitive person - it was one of the reasons she did so well in Quidditch - but there was something about Danny Dubois that made her more competitive than usual. It might have been that Danny was the only person who would regularly take her up on challenges, or it might have been that Danny sometimes beat her when she challenged him. Or maybe it was something else, but whatever the reason, when Danny said that he was close to achieving animagus form, Rose’s resolve to get her transformation in order as soon as possible increased. She wasn’t going to let Danny beat her, not on this.

But at this moment the focus was the pumpkin competition Rose had suggested. She felt pretty confident about her ability to beat Danny, although he did bring up the fair point that they needed criteria to be judged on. She ignored his assumption that he’d win though. Cocky.

“Both,” Rose declared. “And we’ll have a neutral third party judge,” she added, looking around for someone that they could rope into judging. None of their typical friend group was around, though. That meant someone else. Maybe a professor? Professor McKindy would have been her first suggestion, but Rose hadn’t seen him around, although Mr. Tennant and his daughter were definitely there. “Also,” she added, “there should be points for style.” Rose was pretty sure that she had Danny beat at least in terms of the end product and style. He might be able to do it faster than her - she wasn’t sure - but the Aquila was certain that her practise would benefit her well in this competition.

Seriously, where was everyone? Even Myffi or Russell might have been useful as a judge, Rose’s feelings about transfers aside. She wasn’t entirely sure how well the scheme she and Emmett had cooked up about Ruben was going over (although Marissa did seem to go along with Rose’s sudden relationship, so it was at least partially achieving the desired effect), but Rose was pretty sure she’d at least unsettled Ruben with her comment earlier. Plus, now that everyone thought she and Emmett were dating, it left them open to scheme against the rest of the transfers. Except Kaye, apparently. And Rose supposed that they shouldn’t do anything to Myffi until the baby project was done; she didn’t want to get rid of the transfers more than she wanted to get good marks in all her classes.

  • It's only a costume - Dardanius, Sat Sep 2 16:15
    Rose made a face at him. Danny made a face back. They were doing exceptionally well at maturing into young adults, he thought, as they walked together to go carve features into seasonal squash.... more
    • Or is it? - Rose, Fri Sep 8 10:38
      • “Style?” Danny repeated with a laugh. “Now you're just skewing the competition in your favor.” He teased, but it was true - nobody had ever accused Dardanius of having style (Holland often accused... more
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