I don’t have a punchline, so sure
Fri Sep 8, 2017 14:04

Drew didn’t know Raja really at all, but he knew a lot of Raja’s family. His parents used to work at RMI with Dad, and they got Christmas cards from the Shepard-Richardses every year. (Drew was pretty sure Raja was adopted, like him, because both of his parents were white.) And Miss Blair, the Cultural Studies professor, was Raja’s aunt or godmother or something. Drew didn’t really have aunts or uncles because Dad was only child. Drew called the Kendricks-Emberses Aunt Kat, Aunt Abby and Uncle Scott, but his aunts were more like Dad’s kids than Dad’s siblings, so it was kind of like having sisters who were twenty years older than him.

And then Jessie was kind of his aunt but she was also his birth mother, and also Dad’s stepdaughter because she was Aaron’s daughter, so that made her his stepsister too. And Jessie had a sister, Cara, who was his only actual biological aunt (and also another stepsister), but he had only met her once, last year when she came for Christmas. She was completely the opposite of Jessie and hadn’t seemed to be having fun at Christmas so it wasn’t that surprising that she hadn’t come to the wedding this summer. Technically Bennet was like, kind of his step-uncle, and also great-uncle, but it wasn’t like they saw Bennet either because he didn’t get along with Aaron.

Drew also had a godfather, but Uncle Zeke lived in New Zealand and was a Muggle so Drew only saw him like once every couple of years. He did always send Drew and Madeleine cool presents for Christmas and their birthdays, though. Last month, he’d sent Drew a sneakoscope for his twelfth birthday. Drew had been having a fun time trying to get Huburt to trigger it, but so far nothing had happened.

“Thanks. You too,” he told Raja, looking at the other boy’s costume. It wasn’t like super high quality, but Drew could tell what he was supposed to be, and that was what made a good costume. Although probably not falling apart would also make a good costume, he thought, noticing Raja’s ‘wound.’ “Oh no!” Drew laughed. “It’ll grow back though. Wait, do spider’s legs grow back?” He didn’t know enough about spiders to be sure. Crab’s legs grew back, and they were basically ocean spiders. So probably.

“So are you gonna guard the spiderweb all night? Maybe someone with snacks will jump in and you can web it away from them like Spiderman,” Drew joked. Did Spiderman web things away from people? Drew was really only familiar with the Muggle musical version of Spiderman, so who knew.

  • "Stuck"? - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sat Aug 26 11:28
    Raja was pretty fond of Halloween. His parents were kinda health nuts so he didn’t usually get a lot of candy, and this was the one day a year where they somewhat forgot about calories and sugar... more
    • I don’t have a punchline, so sure - Drew, Fri Sep 8 14:04
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