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Fri Sep 8, 2017 17:27

Marley talked a lot, and Holland may have tuned out a bit, but the gist was that they should walk together. That was fine with Holland; they walked with their wand arm up and the light valiantly glowing against the magic-induced darkness. Marley didn’t seem freaked out, so that helped calm Holland down. She was in a very shiny costume, although Holland didn’t think the reflection would do much in terms of lighting their path. That wasn’t how light worked, because Marley wasn’t wearing actual mirrors, and there seemed to be a spell that was making the air absorb light in a weird way, so no matter what, shining the light off Marley’s leggings wouldn’t do much.

She wanted to talk about hair? Okay, Holland could definitely focus on that instead of anything leaping out of the darkness. They didn’t have experience working with natural hair (the industry’s chosen euphemism for black hair) like Marley’s, but charms probably worked the same regardless of hair texture. Dyes and potions might be different, and they wouldn’t want to do a transfiguration on anyone else. Holland was comfortable using transfiguration on their own hair, because they were familiar with weight and texture and how it was supposed to be, but they wouldn’t be able to do it for anyone else. Charms would work, if Marley wanted to dye her hair and avoid chemical damage.

Holland was about to give that as an answer when Marley screamed and something moved in the bushes. Holland verbally cast another Stinging Jinx and was gratified to see the spooky scary skeleton arm disappear back into the undergrowth. Logically, they were pretty sure none of these things could harm them, but why take chances? Holland had pitched their tent firmly in the camp of “better safe than sorry.” For them, it was smart and necessary.

Still brandishing their wand, they tried to compose a response to Marley’s questions. She never seemed to ask one at a time. “Thanks. This is actually my natural hair color,” Holland said with a shaky laugh, indicating their slightly-teased hair. “I pretty much haven’t had it for like… eight years or something? So I just took the spells I’ve been using off and used a potion to reset it to normal.” Holland took good care of their hair and they had minimal dye damage, but some amount was unavoidable. They didn’t like their current hairstyle (too feminine) or color (too boring), but maybe they would stick to charms and transfiguration for a while, just to give it a rest.

“Light hair to dark hair is easier. Mine is dark, so I have to lighten it to use Muggle dyes. Bleach isn’t much fun to work with,” Holland agreed, “but there are wizarding hair dyes that work regardless of starting shade. So you could use something like that, or just a charm, to turn your hair different colors without bleaching. If you’re good at wandwork you’ll be able to do human transfiguration too. That’s what I’ve been doing recently. I’m doing Animagus classes so I have to practice wandless and nonverbal magic for Professor McKindy.”

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    It was Holland, phew. “Oh, great!” she exclaimed in a breathy whoosh of exhaled air and hopped a quick step closer. Haunted houses were always better with company. And, like, this wasn’t exactly a... more
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