I have to defer on that
Fri Sep 8, 2017 23:12

Camilla had to give it to Ruben that the babies, or the fake babies, surrounding them were creepy and gross. In fact, if babies were a pinch of what these creatures were she had to admit that it was the best birth control she had ever heard of. The blonde could literally feel her uterus and ovaries shutting off every time she was around Diana or anyone that was magically animated. What was wrong with the world? She didn't know why The Talk wasn't enough. Maybe some gross pictures? Yes that seemed like enough to deter teenagers from sex. Or maybe the teachers did know what happened around the school and this lesson was a way to control hormonal teenagers running amok the hallways of RMI.

“Both,” she answered with a chuckle. The blonde Swede did not look happy at all and the fake baby didn't either. Her eyes stayed on the younger student for a few seconds more than they should and smiles to herself. He wasn't bad looking. She could see why Marissa had ended up sneaking around with him, but she didn't condone how she had done it. The rumor mill was full of the how's and why, but mostly everyone mentioned Danny’s involvement in a torrid affair. Camilla didn't really give Hippogriff’s dung what the redhead did, but she did care about Danny. And for him, Camilla was morally angry at the younger student. Why? She didn't know, especially since The Mafia seemed to be on good terms. Still, the Cetus remained truth to her ideas and stewed in silence.

An arched eyebrow shot up as quickly as Ruben had uttered his last word. “Ruben, what has the world ever done to you to punish it with your spawn?” she asked half mockingly and half seriously. The idea of Ruben reproducing was scary. She blinked and smiled, “So, please if you can't keep it in your pants, at least be kind enough to wrap it up.” Yes, the world where Mini Rubens were running around punching and stabbing people left and right was not a world she wanted her future children to live in. The world was a scary place with on its own.

Her doll began to fuss in her arms and the blonde looked at it and scowled, “I should leave her here with you. She seemed to be having fun.” Camilla looked at the doll and with a baby voice she addressed it, “Weren't you, Diana? Weren't you?”

  • Time was passing way too slowly, and there were way too many babies stuffed into one place, and that one place they were stuffed had contained almost exclusively two adults for the entire long-ass... more
    • I have to defer on that - Camilla, Fri Sep 8 23:12
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