I'm not sure whose is closest to the truth
Sat Sep 9, 2017 10:05

“Style?” Danny repeated with a laugh. “Now you're just skewing the competition in your favor.” He teased, but it was true - nobody had ever accused Dardanius of having style (Holland often accused him of the opposite). Despite the majority of his housemates being enthusiastically artistic in one manner or the other, Danny was the Lyra without talent. He suspected he had good company in Emmett, but at least the fifth year did theater and wasn't terrible at it.

What was with Rose and Emmett, anyway? It wasn't his business, Danny knew, except it kind of was, as they were both his friends. Rose smacked him around the head when he broke things off with Marissa and he kind of felt like returning the favor. Their getting together obviously hadn't been Emmett’s idea.

It was curiously awkward having those particular two friends as a couple, but Danny’s main objection to the pairing was that they could both do better. Rose was feisty, strong-willed, sharp-witted. She'd be more suited to someone who would challenge her, not a doormat who'd let her walk all over him. Emmett wasn't the coolest cucumber in the crate, but he was all heart, and should be with someone who appreciated all his good qualities. Nothing about Rose and Emmett as a couple made sense, and the only good that could come of it was that Marissa at least seemed a little calmer that Rose wasn't mad about… the thing that has happened.

“So style, speed and competency,” Danny summarised. Unable to resist, he added, “None of which your boyfriend possesses.” A pause then, “Off the pitch, at least.” Credit where it was due.

The current Lyra Quidditch team was an interesting collective. Emmett was great, Holland was there, and Danny had been working well with Leopold as a Chaser for years. He wasn't sure why Rhiya had decided not to play this year, but having Hunter as her replacement had been… challenging. The biggest change, however, had been swapping Frankie - a seventh year Beater who had a professional Quidditch career ahead of him - for Kit. On one hand, having two beginner students for Beaters wasn't necessarily the dream of any Quidditch captain, but on the other hand, anyone on a pitch with Kit and Marley each wielding a bat had to be a little apprehensive. Unfortunately that included their teammates.

“Pick your impartial judge then so we can get this childish challenge over with and you can stop kidding yourself you're better than me.” He grinned.

  • Or is it? - Rose, Fri Sep 8 10:38
    Rose was a competitive person - it was one of the reasons she did so well in Quidditch - but there was something about Danny Dubois that made her more competitive than usual. It might have been that... more
    • I'm not sure whose is closest to the truth - Danny, Sat Sep 9 10:05
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