Sooner or later you'll get caught in the rain
Sat Sep 9, 2017 10:43

Leo did not like being laughed at but because she was a girl and everything he couldn’t really yell at her, so he took a deep breath and counted to five like his mom was always telling him to. The pounding of his chest didn’t subside but his anger was downgraded to minor irritability. “Do you only eat organic caviar or something?” he said before grabbing a fistful of chips and shoving them into his mouth munching slowly, his cheeks puffing out unflattering.

His opinion on the girl wasn’t elevated by her next reveal and he found it impossible not to roll his eyes. Who hasn’t seen Batman? Leo hadn’t although that was different. He was excused of culpability having fought to see them unlike the girl who just had poor taste in movies. He’d been denied the experience because his mom had insisted the films were too violent which was dumb but that was his mom for you.

“I can totally tell who you are from your costume.”

Leo was sure she was just trying to make him feel better. He knew his costume was crappy but he didn't need her pity. It’s not as though her costume was that great either. She didn’t look much like anything to him. Failing to hide his contempt he quickly spat back, “Yeah. Like what are you even supposed to be?”

The girl even had a stupid name. Myfanway. No wonder he hadn’t remembered it. Leo thought his mom had a weird taste in names but this girl’s parents had her beat by a long shot. Suddenly sympathetic and feeling as though he was stuck with his weird new companion for the foreseeable future, Leo saw he’d no other option than to stick out a hand covered in orange dust from the chips and offer her a conciliatory handshake, “I’m Leo.”

  • But I like my head in the clouds - Myfanwy, Tue Sep 5 16:18
    “I don’t want any,” Myffi answered with mild disgust, like somebody had tried to make her eat boiled haggis or something equally disturbing and unappetising. She might even have taken a step back in... more
    • Sooner or later you'll get caught in the rain - Leo, Sat Sep 9 10:43
      • I like piña coladas - Myffi, Sat Sep 9 16:30
        Organic caviar? That wasn’t even a thing. “No, because I’m vegan,” Myffi pointed out like this was obvious, “but yes, actually, I do prefer to only eat organic food.” That’s why she had to prepare... more
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