I like piña coladas
Sat Sep 9, 2017 16:30

Organic caviar? That wasn’t even a thing. “No, because I’m vegan,” Myffi pointed out like this was obvious, “but yes, actually, I do prefer to only eat organic food.” That’s why she had to prepare her own meals while she was at school even though they were provided, and why she had a job in the organic food store so she could get food she was happy to eat and afford to do that. Also the reason she had to bring her own snacks along to parties, apparently, but she had planned that out so it was all just fine.

Or mostly fine, because the boy she was talking to didn’t seem all that nice, actually. That was probably okay really, because Myffi had met a bunch of people so far in the handful of weeks she’d been at school, and almost all of them had been really lovely. It was inevitable that eventually she would meet someone she didn’t get along with so well. Luckily it was happening at a party where she could just walk off if she wanted to and meet somebody else instead. “I’m a fairy, obviously,” she laughed, though it was sort of shaky laughter because if he was joking then he had a weird sense of humour, but if he was being serious then actually he just wasn’t a very nice person. Myfanwy wanted to give him the benefit of doubt.

There, see, he introduced himself after all and even stuck out a hand to shake even if it was covered in weird unnatural preservatives. Myfanwy smiled and shook it anyway, because this was a huge step in the right direction from where they had been moments earlier. “Leo, right,” she smiled. “You can call me Myffi, if you prefer,” she said, with a shrug. It didn’t matter either way to her but so far people seemed to use the shorter name, and she couldn’t really blame them. She wondered if Leo was short for something, because it was one of those names that was a name just on its own or it could be short for something, but for once Myffi didn’t ask a question as soon as it occurred to her.

“You’re in Lyra, right?” Now they had been talking a little while, Myffi was fairly sure she’d seen this boy in her commons. She wasn’t in there a lot, and if she was she tended to be busy looking after Hannah or engrossed in a homework assignment, but she was fairly sure Leo was in Lyra too. In fact, “Are you on the Quidditch team?” she thought maybe he was. She was only interested because she was half-considering signing up for Quidditch next year herself.

  • Leo did not like being laughed at but because she was a girl and everything he couldn’t really yell at her, so he took a deep breath and counted to five like his mom was always telling him to. The... more
    • I like piña coladas - Myffi, Sat Sep 9 16:30
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