Rose Farnon
Let's get real [Emmett]
Sat Sep 16, 2017 13:25

As soon as Professor Blair had returned from maternity leave, she had gotten Emmett to return his fake baby much to Rose’s relief. Since they were, for some definition of the word, dating, Rose had spent an awful lot of time around the thing Emmett and Ruben had dubbed ‘Sonny’. It was a stupid name for a stupid project. Arguably, Rose had spent more time with Emmett’s fake baby than her own, although Emmett had insisted on ‘playdates’ for their fake babies more than once. Rose had gritted her teeth but gone along with it, largely because she didn’t know how to handle how seriously Emmett was taking this assignment. It was a little disturbing. She wouldn’t have been surprised if Emmett had attached himself to the fake baby as a coping mechanism for the time Holland was spending with fake Holland. If Emmett were a dog, he would be the type of puppy that had so much separation anxiety it peed itself when you left it alone too long.

Although Rose wouldn’t admit it to anyone but Marissa (maybe), she did feel bad that Emmett had been forced to give up his stupid doll. More than anyone else, her ‘boyfriend’ had taken the assignment seriously and the lack of the fake baby was going to leave a hole in his life that he would probably stress about and whimper over and Rose just wasn’t going to have that sort of thing. They were going to spend time together whether Emmett liked it or not because they were still convincing their entire friend group that they were incredibly interested in each other, and regardless of whether Emmett liked it, Rose wasn’t going to suffer.

So she had bought him a gift.

It wasn’t the sort of gift you could give someone on Pearl Street, so instead, Rose had instructed Emmett to meet in the outdoor classroom. It was far enough away from the Pitch that she was pretty sure they wouldn’t run into anyone. Dating or not, Rose wasn’t willing to do what she was about to do in the public eye. That would just be embarrassing and the Aquila wasn’t down for that. Their friend group would probably find out pretty quickly, but the last thing Rose needed was Heather or some other obnoxious person spreading this around the school.

“Took you long enough,” the sixth year grumbled as Emmett wandered into the clearing. Rose was sitting one one of the wooden benches that were arranged in a semi-circle facing where the professor would usually stand, if there were a class here. Half the time the professors just moved the benches anyway, at least for Magizoobotany, but Rose supposed that they were probably put to some use at some point.

Without ceremony, Rose reached down into her paisley owl messenger bag and pulled out a box. It was unadorned cardboard with a few holes poked in it; inside was a juvenile appaloosa puffskein. She shoved the box at Emmett.

“Here,” she said. “Now you can stop whining about your fake - about Sonny.”

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