Elijah Carthy
Let the Ashes Fall
Mon Sep 18, 2017 14:17

Elijah stared in displeasure at the letters he still had from midterm. Elegantly scrawled handwriting covered them, the letters forming words of enthusiasm. His own response to the letters had been significantly less pleasant. Of course, his own return letters had been nothing short of enthusiastic, fake emotion shining through in every messily scrawled sentence. Camilla had written him a few letters over the course of midterm, at first full of the fact that her grandfather had someone hosting her for the Pureblood season. It was her second letter that painted a frown over the eighteen year olds features.

“So, did I ever tell you about Mason Helms?”

That had been the brief introduction to what had been a series of missives detailing Camilla’s new infatuation with the other man. After everything that had happened over the summer break, Elijah had thought that possibly something would happen between them. But every time the Cetus thought to try, he had backed down. His own midterm was pale in comparison, half-hearted responses faded in between his seemingly apparent enthusiasm for Cam’s love life. It was near to Christmas that the next letter came, detailing the party and various dates that the two had gone on as well as including his gift, something that had long since been shoved into the bottom of his trunk.

“-officially dating! Elijah, he’s great! You’ll love him.”

The brown-haired teen’s features had etched into a frown upon reading those words. Elijah had steeled himself, writing back that he was sure they would get along and that he was happy for her, all while swallowing the lump in the back of his throat. He’d talked with his mother and even with Jacob about it. Both of them had told him the same thing. He needed to let go. But that was much easier said than done. There was so much he hadn’t done. If he had just tried maybe things would have been different for the two of them. Maybe he wouldn’t have gotten her last letter and had to grit his teeth to keep from screaming.

“ -but Mason has talents I didn't know before! He probably had to sneak around like this in earlier years."

It was then that Elijah had felt defeated. Nothing had been able to rouse him from the melancholy that he felt. Jacob’s wedding had come and gone and Cam’s invitation sat, unsent in his room. He felt terrible about it, but the idea of seeing her and knowing that she was with someone else. It destroyed him just thinking about it, let alone having them come to his brother’s wedding. He’d written it off the reason, telling himself it was because the wedding had been moved up six months, but that wasn’t it at all. Letting go wasn’t easy when someone had been by your side for close to seven years.

“Love, Camilla”

It was her signature on every single letter he’d received. It made his blood boil just looking at them, re-reading them. It was how he found himself in the Outdoor classroom, seated on a bench and staring at the four letters that tore his heart apart. Jacob kept writing, asking how he was and how things were going. Elijah hadn’t spoken to Camilla yet, but he’d seen her in class and around the halls. Instead of the sadness and rejection he had expected, all the seventh year felt was apathy. He just didn’t care. The only thing that made him emotional about the whole ordeal was the letters. With a flick of his wand and a soft incantation, those objects were turning to ash before his eyes. A soft rain had started some time ago in the classroom, causing a faint hissing noise as the water helped to extinguish the burning papers. Now all that was left was to forget whatever ideas of love he’d once held for Camilla Baird.

“That’s a little better,” he said, watching the ashes scatter into the empty classroom. Despite everything, Elijah felt the lightest pressure lift from his shoulders.
“Letting go isn’t so hard, huh?”

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