Ruben Lundqvist
Light 'em up!
Mon Sep 18, 2017 20:53

As soon as Ruben rounded the clump of pines on the edge of the Outdoor Classroom, he spotted a familiar face. Well, back. His entry point put him behind the seventh-year, but of course he still recognized him. “EJ!” he called out in greeting, changing directions and readjusting the (now thankfully baby-free) duffel swinging off his shoulder. (His ill-fated fake father had apparently gone more insane than usual and decided to keep Synnöve over Midterm, but, both fortunately and as expected, had not pulled Ruben into this. It had been a pleasure to resume using his gym back strictly for gym things. Though admittedly he had taken to using the fake baby as gym equipment of sorts… pah, details.) “I hope you are not setting too many fires without me.” The joke, brought on at spotting the thread of smoke curling up near his buddy, was accompanied by a wide smirk.

Ruben liked fire. This would probably not be too much surprise to anyone who knew the Swede. If given the choice, he would of course prefer to freeze an opponent rather than burn them, but fire had a satisfying presence quite different from the satisfaction of the iced forests of his homeland. Nothing, therefore, could beat the long, torchlit camping excursions they took every Midwinter and Valborg at Durmstrang.

The grass was damp and his bag was full of valuables - including a set of his usual clothing, skinny jeans and chains included, to change into after his workout, plus a few dumbbells he’d Transfigured and even his Beater’s bat (or more accurately, the one he had nicked from the storage shed and claimed as his), because that came in handy more often than not. His bag was also reinforced with a waterproofing charm, however, so Ruben wasted no time in plunking it on the ground, followed by plunking himself down on the bench beside EJ. His lower thighs, exposed by cotton shorts, prickled almost immediately at the contact with the cooler bench, and he rubbed at them idly with one hand.

“Nice day.” Rainy, a bit windy, but it was nice. Quiet. Unlike his sentiments about fire, which were not commonly known but he assumed would have been commonly accepted, his feelings regarding solitary time outdoors were something he neither advertised nor believed anyone would care to accept. Barring Holland, perhaps, with whom he had spent some comparable time. Possibly Kaye, too, although they didn’t hang out outdoors so much as laze around and mock each other mercilessly… okay, probably not Kaye.

Digging into the pocket of his sleeveless hoodie, Ruben pulled out his slim box of Death Sticks. Yes, literally Death Sticks. Dagny had brought him the magical brand of cigarettes as one-third of his Christmas present (another third being the metal post now in his ear, and the final being her agreeing to Apparate him around while he waited impatiently to turn seventeen and get his own license). They were charmed to auto-light when between one’s lips, which saved time since Kaye had stolen his lighter. Again. He tapped one out and then offered the box to EJ. “No time like the current time to laugh in the face of Death,” he grinned, paraphrasing the logo emblazoned across the box.

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    • Light 'em up! - Ruben Lundqvist, Mon Sep 18 20:53
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