Myfanwy Owen
Agricultural Club Meeting
Tue Sep 19, 2017 16:55

Her over-sized green sweater with tie-dye orange legging and canvas boots was a great choice for the very first ever meeting of the agricultural club, or AgriClub as she had referred to it on the posters she’s placed around school (on recycled paper using vegetable inks). She was pretty good at drawing actually, so she’d covered the promotional fliers in pictures of fruit and vegetables to give the student population a better idea of what they would be aiming to achieve. This wasn’t a basic gardening club just to make flowers grow; she was planning on sustaining an organic plot to assist in feeding RMI’s more planet-conscious students.

There wasn’t much that could be planted in January, even with the weather charms, because they still sometimes sent frost and snow this early on in the year. So the first meetings would be discussing and deciding what to grow, mapping out the ground and starting to prepare it, and drawing up charts for sowing, planting, and harvesting. Myfanwy was only interested in being the student leader of the group (Professor Bennett would usually be supervising them during club meetings), there to co-ordinate and offer her personal expertise, not to be in charge and make all the decisions. She wasn’t entirely convinced she was really made for leadership, but she supposed she wouldn’t know until she tried.

“Hello everyone and thanks for coming,” she beamed at the gathered students through rose-gold, round spectacles, her dark hair French braided tightly in two pigtails to keep it neat and out of the way for the occasion. “So just to clarify the aim of AgriClub is to responsibly grow edible produce for student consumption.” Her strong Welsh accent was somehow yet more pronounced in her excitement. “Eventually we’ll be digging, and sewing, and planting,” she chattered happily, “but first we need to plan out what sort of patch to create.”

“So unless anyone has any immediate questions, I thought it would be good to break into small groups and just write down some ideas” - Myfanwy started handing around charcoal pencils and scrap sheets of parchment - “about the foods we might want to grow. You might want to consider factors like cost versus harvest volume, and whether we want to use climate controlling charms or stick to foods that prefer RMI’s own climate, as well as the foods you think might be popular to eat.”

“If anyone has any questions just give me a shout, or ask Professor Bennett, who is our superviser.” With a quick smile in the professor’s direction, Myffi approached the student nearest, and bounced on her heels a couple of times. “Oh my gosh I’m so excited,” she enthused. “Really, thank you so much for coming, I’m dead chuffed.”

    • Just a casual observer [reply to Myffi] - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri Oct 13 21:51
      Contrary to what he assumed was popular belief, Ruben thoroughly enjoyed spending time outdoors. His current plan for after graduation was, in fact, largely based around his desire to live off... more
      • No spectating - Myfanwy, Sun Oct 15 11:16
        The person she was talking to was called Ruben, and actually Myffi didn't know him very well - she hadn't been there at RMI all that long, she didn't know most people very well, to be honest - but he ... more
        • I guess I can participate a little - Ruben, Sun Oct 15 22:49
          Wow, she was… excited about this. Alright, then. Nothing wrong with that. To each their own or whatever. It just gave him more to internally snicker about, although those internal snickerings did... more
          • That’s the spirit - Myffi, Mon Oct 16 15:13
            She wasn’t necessarily a firm believer in making up your own mind about someone or something - why would people bother to write reviews of anything if everyone was just going to make their own minds... more
            • But when do we get to the spirits? - Ruben, Tue Oct 17 17:43
              Of course Glasses Farmgirl was capable of yammering on about spell theory as it pertained to plant growth without needing even to warm up. Of course. He should have been anticipating that, but at... more
              • Ludus supra praemium - Myffi, Wed Oct 18 08:59
                Okay fine, Ruben did make a valid point about a serious obstacle that Myffi had been doing her best to overlook. Nothing about the climate at RMI was natural, because it was, in fact, underground and ... more
                • Sorry, I don't speak Science - Ruben, Fri Oct 20 21:08
                  “What, you think I lie?” Ruben fired back, grinning. “Ja, actual jelly. Grape. I have a theory,” now that was a phrase he most often heard or used in conversations with Holland, but it seemed... more
                  • That would be Latin - Myffi, Mon Oct 23 07:41
                    “Yes, actual sugar,” Myffi replied through a chuckle. Ruben was probably one of the masses who didn’t give any through to where his food came from, like sugar just existed rather than being grown and ... more
                    • Sure, if you say so - Ruben, Wed Oct 25 22:26
                      Her quickness to grant him some sort of ownership over the garden was amusing to Ruben, if not appreciated in the way he suspected she thought it should be. Nope, the direction of his thoughts was... more
                      • I'm smart, you're dumb - Myffi, Sat Oct 28 15:22
                        Ruden didn’t seem at all bothered that she called him on her reputation. In fact he seemed sort of proud of it to be honest. This time he was definitely mocking her when he folded his arms too. Myffi ... more
    • Pardon my lack of green thumbs - Marley Chapman, Thu Sep 21 23:27
      The new older girl in Lyra was pretty cool. Not as cool as Holland, duh, Holland was the best and had even promised to help Marley do something fun with her hair. They had already experimented a... more
      • If you’ll forgive my lack of green toes - Nolan Ramsey, Tue Oct 3 17:02
        His schedule was settled now. Nolan had mostly just signed up for the classes he had been taking at home with the Bonneys. Or their analogues, anyway. The class that RMI called “Defense Against the... more
        • Marley was so caught up in her excitement that she didn’t even notice how weirdly the older boy sat down until suddenly he was sitting beside her and she realized that nope, it hadn’t been sudden, it ... more
          • If Nolan couldn’t see that this was clearly not the case, he would’ve guessed that Myffi and the girl he was talking to were somehow related. Because wow was she sure talking a lot, enthusiastically, ... more
            • But I literally have a brown nose? - Marley, Fri Oct 6 22:46
              Oh, phew, the older boy (or probably older) (she was really just making assumptions at this point, since she hadn’t seen him in class before) (but on second thought Marley didn’t think she’d seen him ... more
              • I think that’s different - Nolan, Sun Oct 15 17:55
                Marley got really excited by the idea of zucchini noodles, which made Nolan feel like he hadn’t explained them right. “Nah, it’s just a special way of cutting them up. Really long and thin and curly, ... more
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