Emmett Lawrence
Ready and waiting.
Wed Sep 20, 2017 17:18

Emmett adjusted his hat. When he’d instructed Holland to shave his head, he hadn’t thought about how cold it would be to be bald.

Why Rose wanted to meet outdoors in January, God only knew. Winter in Georgia was a far cry from winter here, something he’d learned very, very quickly as his first midterm approached. She was from England though, so this was probably nothing to her. Why did his girlfriend his friend Rose have to be so much more badass than him? Unfair.

But he came anyway because of course he did. Emmett literally always did whatever Rose told him, and that was since before they were dating. Fake dating. Whatever they were doing. Admittedly, the Lyra hadn’t noticed anything about Ruben’s behavior to indicate that they were having any real effect in making him angry (That was the goal, right? Emmett didn’t really remember), but he wasn’t about to point that out to Rose and let her dump him. It was weird, but he was kinda having fun.

She grumbled about his timeliness as he arrived, but Emmett knew that was actually a friendly greeting, so he just smiled and sat. He could feel the cold of the bench.faintly through his pants, and his skin prickled into goosebumps. But as he opened the box Rose shoved into his gloved hands, his heart was warmed.

Rose’s use of his recently-returned pseudo-child did not go over his head, but he wasn’t dumb enough to comment on it. Plus, he was pretty focused on the small fluff ball with big happy eyes. “I love it!” he grinned, placing it temporarily back in the box so he could hug her. He made it quick, assuming she probably didn’t really want to be hugged in the first place, and then was back to cheerily holding his new pet. “This was really nice of you,” he said despite the risk of snapping her back to their usual universe where Rose made fun of him and definitely didn’t tell people they were dating. “Thanks you.”

  • Let's get real [Emmett] - Rose Farnon, Sat Sep 16 13:25
    As soon as Professor Blair had returned from maternity leave, she had gotten Emmett to return his fake baby much to Rose’s relief. Since they were, for some definition of the word, dating, Rose had... more
    • Ready and waiting. - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Sep 20 17:18
      • I'm not sure I'm ready - Rose, Sat Sep 30 12:27
        Emmett hugged Rose, which was something the sixth year hadn’t expected to happen. She didn’t quite squeak in surprise, but she may have made a noise that sounded almost like a squeak. Her stomach... more
        • That's okay, I can wait - Emmett, Sat Sep 30 19:37
          Speaking with Rose was a whole other language you had to know how to navigate. All girls spoke a different language, really, but Rose was different. For example, “Whatever” really meant “you're... more
          • Even with Emmett asking, Rose was shocked that Holland would have accepted any role in his shearing. Holland would have know that Emmett would look like a house-elf without hair, and yet they had... more
            • I mean, it could be? - Emmett, Tue Oct 3 13:30
              Emmett did his best to suppress a laugh, which resulted in a stilted chortle. Jealous? Well that was silly. Jealousy was only a thing when there was, like, feelings involved, and that was totally not ... more
              • That sounds disturbing - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:29
                Rose bit back a sigh. Of course Emmett had just wanted to be Kaye’s friend and had managed to put forth the most pathetic effort possible in doing so. The Aquila was unsure what, precisely, about... more
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