I'm not sure I'm ready
Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:27

Emmett hugged Rose, which was something the sixth year hadn’t expected to happen. She didn’t quite squeak in surprise, but she may have made a noise that sounded almost like a squeak. Her stomach dropped a little, the same way it did when she dove fast on her broom trying to catch a Snitch - the same way it had for a little bit with Ruben. Rose shoved that feeling aside. She wasn’t really dating Emmett; they were just pretending for the convenience of annoying Ruben and making Marissa think that the thing with Ruben had been fine with Rose. Of course, it seemed like their friend group was a little skeptical of their relationship, but Rose had instructed Emmett to be more physically affectionate in public. To sell it. Of course.

“Whatever, I was just sick of you moping,” Rose shrugged off Emmett’s statement and thanks. Being thanked made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t want Emmett getting the wrong idea. After all, she would never date someone a year younger than her. Not for real, anyway. Technically Josh - but they had never really done anything. They’d been friends who held hands, mostly.

Rose paused. She examined Emmett. Something about him looked off. She narrowed her hazel eyes and leaned forward, snatching the hat off his head. Yup - just like she’d thought.

“Emmett what the hell happened to your head?” Rose asked, her tone mildly exasperated. “Did someone hex you?” Last year, Camilla had performed a truly fantastic hex on Ruben, resulting in his oh-so-precious hair disappearing from his oh-so-irritating head. At the time, it had added to Rose’s resentment of Camilla (although only marginally, Rose would mostly hate her forever for what she’d done to Marissa, even though she’d apologized and even though Marissa had gotten mad at Rose for taking matters into her own hands), but in retrospect Rose was glad it had happened. They hadn’t known that Ruben was an obnoxious little Swedish troll last year, but now that they did that changed things. It didn’t change how she felt about Camilla, but Rose could give credit where it was due when it came to creative revenge. “I can hex them back, if you want,” Rose offered. “Or I can fix your hair. Although Holland might be better at it than I am.”

After all, Holland was the king queen overlord of all things hair. Rose had a good idea of the kind of charms it would take to keep their hair looking as amazing as it did at all times, and she had a lot of respect for that. In general, although she wasn’t the closest with Holland, she did like them. And they were definitely doing her a favor with Dade, after the events of Midterm.

  • Ready and waiting. - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Sep 20 17:18
    Emmett adjusted his hat. When he’d instructed Holland to shave his head, he hadn’t thought about how cold it would be to be bald. Why Rose wanted to meet outdoors in January, God only knew. Winter in ... more
    • I'm not sure I'm ready - Rose, Sat Sep 30 12:27
      • That's okay, I can wait - Emmett, Sat Sep 30 19:37
        Speaking with Rose was a whole other language you had to know how to navigate. All girls spoke a different language, really, but Rose was different. For example, “Whatever” really meant “you're... more
        • Even with Emmett asking, Rose was shocked that Holland would have accepted any role in his shearing. Holland would have know that Emmett would look like a house-elf without hair, and yet they had... more
          • I mean, it could be? - Emmett, Tue Oct 3 13:30
            Emmett did his best to suppress a laugh, which resulted in a stilted chortle. Jealous? Well that was silly. Jealousy was only a thing when there was, like, feelings involved, and that was totally not ... more
            • That sounds disturbing - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:29
              Rose bit back a sigh. Of course Emmett had just wanted to be Kaye’s friend and had managed to put forth the most pathetic effort possible in doing so. The Aquila was unsure what, precisely, about... more
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