Is this a cheesy romance novel or something?
Sun Oct 1, 2017 11:16

Even with Emmett asking, Rose was shocked that Holland would have accepted any role in his shearing. Holland would have know that Emmett would look like a house-elf without hair, and yet they had done it anyway. Although, Rose supposed, it was better than Emmett doing it himself. The boy wasn’t the crispiest crisp in the bag, and that could have ended pretty badly. She momentarily entertained the thought of Emmett accidentally turning his hair into grass, or setting it on fire. Yeah, okay, Holland had probably made a good choice in helping Emmett make his bad choice. Because seriously. Ick.

And then it got worse.

Rose scowled. Emmett had done this for Kaye? The sixth year didn’t have a problem with the younger girl (and, in fact, found her somewhat entertaining; Kaye had started stealing Heather Bartel’s belongings and giving them away. Rose now owned a container of bobby pins and a pair of faux earrings that she was planning on wearing just to make Heather mad at some point) but she didn’t like that Emmett would do something as drastic as shave his head for her. Especially since that made no sense. Maybe he’d lost a bet or something.

“Should I be jealous?” she asked, tone joking. Rose was joking. Kind of. Emmett was allowed to be friends with people outside their group (she supposed) but the last time someone had tried to be friends with people outside of their original group, they’d gotten Ruben and Russell and everyone knew how that had turned out. Oh, Ruben, Russell, and a mouse. Rose had considered telling her cat to eat the mouse more than once, but was pretty sure that Marissa wouldn’t be happy about that if it happened. “But anyway yeah once you’re done wanting to look like a particularly pathetic house-elf I’ll help you fix it.”

  • That's okay, I can wait - Emmett, Sat Sep 30 19:37
    Speaking with Rose was a whole other language you had to know how to navigate. All girls spoke a different language, really, but Rose was different. For example, “Whatever” really meant “you're... more
    • Is this a cheesy romance novel or something? - Rose, Sun Oct 1 11:16
      • I mean, it could be? - Emmett, Tue Oct 3 13:30
        Emmett did his best to suppress a laugh, which resulted in a stilted chortle. Jealous? Well that was silly. Jealousy was only a thing when there was, like, feelings involved, and that was totally not ... more
        • That sounds disturbing - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:29
          Rose bit back a sigh. Of course Emmett had just wanted to be Kaye’s friend and had managed to put forth the most pathetic effort possible in doing so. The Aquila was unsure what, precisely, about... more
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