Nolan Ramsey
If youíll forgive my lack of green toes
Tue Oct 3, 2017 17:02

His schedule was settled now. Nolan had mostly just signed up for the classes he had been taking at home with the Bonneys. Or their analogues, anyway. The class that RMI called ďDefense Against the Dark ArtsĒ was close to the offensive and defensive magic lessons Mr. Bonney taught. Spellwork was the combination of transfiguration and household magic, and Magizoobotany was herbology with bonus animals thrown in. (Nolan had been pretty happy about that.) Potions and History of Magic had the same names as they did back home. He hadnít wanted to take history, but his parents said he had to, so whatever. Nolan had also added Astronomy to his schedule because it sounded cool. He liked the idea of being able to navigate by the stars.

He also had the option to work clubs into his schedule. That was totally new; thereíd only been a handful of students at home, so there was no point in having clubs. Also Nolan didnít care about hobbies besides horses and poetry and he did both of those things alone, so why join a club? But he didnít have horses here so what else was he going to do with his time? Nolan didnít like to be idle. It wasnít in his nature.

The problem was that there werenít a lot of clubs he wanted to do. Quidditch existed but Nolan wasnít much for brooms, and it seemed like the team was set at this point in the year anyway. There was the newspaper but Nolan wasnít too sure about publishing poems and didnít really feel like researching other topics to write articles about. There was also a Talent Show, and he was thinking about submitting a poem for the gallery for that but he wasnít gonna get up on stage and do anything. Without Quint, Nolan didnít have a lot of talents to show off, and he didnít think the director wanted a winged horse in the theater.

But then Myffi had invited him to Agriculture Club, which seemed to fit the bill for the kind of club he wanted to join. A good amount of moving but nothing too taxing, and Nolan knew a good amount about plants and agriculture. They had a pretty sizeable vegetable garden next to the house and he helped his parents with it. He wasnít sure how feasible feeding the student body would be (there were a lot of students and it took a while for plants to start producing) but it was a nice thought. Digging, sowing, and planting were things Nolan could do. If they could use climate control charms then that opened a lot of options to them. Myffi had said they should consider cost versus yield, but she hadnít provided any materials about about how long different plants took to produce, or how much work went into getting different plants to that point. He figured they could probably use charms to accelerate the process. Potions were also good for that, but Myffi had talked a bunch about vegan alternatives in potion-making so she might be opposed to that. She had a whole tree-hugger thing going on.

The group fragmented into smaller groups. A younger (probably? Or maybe his year? He didnít know everyone yet but he was pretty sure she hadnít been in most of his classes) girl sitting near him exclaimed that this was awesome. It wasnít quite the word Nolan would use (there werenít anything awe-inspiring about planting) but he wasnít having a bad time either, so he said, ďYeah, I think Iíll keep coming.Ē

Then she was talking to him really fast, so Nolan figured he should join her. Sitting on the ground was an awkward endeavor for him, but he managed by squatting down with his right leg and stretching the prosthetic leg out in front of him until heíd maneuvered to the ground. Take that, fake joint. ďCorn sounds good,Ē he said, a bit of Oklahoma twang in his voice. The farms near the ranch mostly had livestock or grew wheat, but he didnít think that wheat was worth their time. It was a whole ordeal to turn it into flour and you needed a lot of it. ďTomatoes and zucchini are pretty easy to grow,Ē Nolan added, speaking from experience. ďAnd what about sunflowers? They donít just look pretty; you can toast the seeds and eat them for snacks.Ē Plus Myffi had said something about sunflower butter, so he knew it was something she could use.

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