As long as it's not a green nose, I can overlook it
Tue Oct 3, 2017 23:00

Marley was so caught up in her excitement that she didn’t even notice how weirdly the older boy sat down until suddenly he was sitting beside her and she realized that nope, it hadn’t been sudden, it had taken a Long Time. Or at least Longer Than Normal. Not quite as long as when her mum joined her on the ground in front of their summer campfire, which was always super drawn-out and accompanied by lots of dramatic grumbles with stuff about how she worked all day on the ground and why did she have to get back down yet again when she could be out using more of her body like a normal person, but Marley evaluated all of that as pretty much just fake effort. And fake effort usually meant you were trying to get attention in one way or another. But this boy had like, totally escaped her attention until right now when he was beside her, so that meant he hadn’t been faking a slow sitdown, right?

...Oops she probably should’ve been paying attention to the words coming out of his face, too. They had also escaped her attention. And were harder to catch up on. Fortunately, Marley’s personal skillset included the ability to hone in on just one or two words and turn it into a conversation so she she should be fine, really.

“Sunflowers! You can eat the leaves,” Marley contributed helpfully. “I only have a couple times and that was like, when we were poor,” she joked, although it wasn’t totally a joke because she could definitely remember times when she was real small and dinner had been scavenged salad with leftover bits and pieces from the cupboard, “but they’re not bad. And, ummm,” what other words had she managed to latch onto? “Oh, zucchini, those are the big ones sorta like cucumbers, yeah?” Absently scratching the side of her curly head with the end of her pencil, she assumed a yes and barrelled on. “I’ve eaten zucchini in other foods before, like, oooh, chocolate zucchini bread.” Her white gran had experimented with that recipe a bit and, for something with more vegetables in it than sugar, it was a surprisingly appropriate dessert item. “But I’ve never had it by itself. Does it taste as good when it doesn’t have chocolate mixed in?”

Although she laughed at her own question, Marley could guess the answer already. It probably did, because most things that she had eaten (with the exception of mushrooms, ew ew ew ewww) were at least good if not great on their own. Chocolate could make a lot of things even better, but not every single thing, so she wasn’t about to assume that things would taste bad without it, either, because that just didn’t make sense. If it wasn’t absolute in one direction, why would it be absolute in another? Wasn’t nature all about balance or something? Wasn’t that the whole point of AgriClub? She hadn’t talked with Myffi a ton, but enough to have an idea of what she stood for, and Marley liked the sound of it. Speaking of talking… “I’m Marley, by the way!” she announced before grinning semi-sheepishly. “Oops sorry, did I interrupt you? I promise I was listening. Mostly.”

  • If you’ll forgive my lack of green toes - Nolan Ramsey, Tue Oct 3 17:02
    His schedule was settled now. Nolan had mostly just signed up for the classes he had been taking at home with the Bonneys. Or their analogues, anyway. The class that RMI called “Defense Against the... more
    • As long as it's not a green nose, I can overlook it - Marley, Tue Oct 3 23:00
      • If Nolan couldn’t see that this was clearly not the case, he would’ve guessed that Myffi and the girl he was talking to were somehow related. Because wow was she sure talking a lot, enthusiastically, ... more
        • But I literally have a brown nose? - Marley, Fri Oct 6 22:46
          Oh, phew, the older boy (or probably older) (she was really just making assumptions at this point, since she hadn’t seen him in class before) (but on second thought Marley didn’t think she’d seen him ... more
          • I think that’s different - Nolan, Sun Oct 15 17:55
            Marley got really excited by the idea of zucchini noodles, which made Nolan feel like he hadn’t explained them right. “Nah, it’s just a special way of cutting them up. Really long and thin and curly, ... more
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