But I literally have a brown nose?
Fri Oct 6, 2017 22:46

Oh, phew, the older boy (or probably older) (she was really just making assumptions at this point, since she hadn’t seen him in class before) (but on second thought Marley didn’t think she’d seen him at all before either so for all she knew he was a brand-new student but actually in the same year as her) didn’t seem to mind her having interrupted him. Interrupting was the kind of thing that everyone said was rude, and Marley didn’t think of herself as a rude person, like, at all, so for her to realize that she had actually interrupted someone was a bit of a surprise.

The boy - Nolan, she corrected herself, because he had a name and she’d known that all along but now she knew what the name was, too - started offering up a bunch of suggestions for other ways to eat zucchini. Her brown eyes got rounder with every addition. At the mention of pasta, she let out an audible gasp. “Zucchini noodles? How in the world d’you make vegetables into noodles? Do you hafta grind them up into a dough and then crank them through one of those fancy noodle-making machines? Or roll them out?” Marley had seen one of those fancy machines in the windows of an Italian restaurant once, but the only time she’d ever tried making noodles at home, they’d done it just with hand-rolling. And it had worked! ...kind of.

She started a little, involuntarily, when he reached over to tap the parchment. “Herbs?” Her brain caught up while he was talking and Marley nodded enthusiastically, pressing the pencil down once more. “Yeah!” Her enthusiastic scrawl of ‘Herbs’ paused halfway through the ‘b’ and she glanced up at Nolan. “But, like, what kind of herbs? Like, mint has a strong flavour and you could use it in tea, too, but… ooh, what’s that one everyone uses in sauces? Oval leaves, smells really strong?” She hummed in thought but couldn’t remember the name. “Well, as long as we don’t use parsley. I never understand why parsley gets sprinkled on literally all of the foods. It doesn’t even taste good, or at all, really.”

  • If Nolan couldn’t see that this was clearly not the case, he would’ve guessed that Myffi and the girl he was talking to were somehow related. Because wow was she sure talking a lot, enthusiastically, ... more
    • But I literally have a brown nose? - Marley, Fri Oct 6 22:46
      • I think that’s different - Nolan, Sun Oct 15 17:55
        Marley got really excited by the idea of zucchini noodles, which made Nolan feel like he hadn’t explained them right. “Nah, it’s just a special way of cutting them up. Really long and thin and curly, ... more
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