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Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:16

The person she was talking to was called Ruben, and actually Myffi didn't know him very well - she hadn't been there at RMI all that long, she didn't know most people very well, to be honest - but he seemed to have a bit of a reputation following him. For trouble making. Heather said that Ruben was a transfer too, and hadn't really been at school much longer than Myfanwy had. She got the impression Heather didn't like Ruben very much, and Rose didn't seem to like him very much, either, but he was here for the club (or he was here, anyway, and he had to know the club was happening today because of all the posters and everything, and when she started talking he hadn't walked off or anything) so that's why Myffi had gone over to him. Plus she was super excited to start growing her own food again and hopefully making new friends in the process.

He asked her why she was thanking him, and then said maybe they should be thanking her. That was a weird thing to say. It might have been sarcastic; it sounded sarcastic. Americans didn't always gets sarcasm but Ruben definitely wasn't really American anyway, he had some sort of Scandinavian accent or something. Myffi was too busy still buzzing from excitement to really care whether or not he was being sarcastic anyway. “So many people don't even question where their food comes from,” she lamented, “they just eat it without thinking, you know?” She bounced lightly on the balls of her feet. “This way we’ll know exactly where it comes from, and it will be a group effort getting everything to grow, and maybe we could have like occasional AgriClub meals or something where we all get to eat it, too.” Myffi was animated as she spoke, smiling as she divulged her more long term plans for the group.

“Obviously that's an idea for the future,” she forced herself to stay a little, at least refraining from bouncing while she talked to the student who was considerably taller than her and also wearing a lot of black, although actually probably less black than usual. Myfanwy wasn't sure she even owned anything black. Black wasn't often a very sustainable or natural dye, and she didn't buy animal products, even though something like black cowhide would obviously be natural. Wearing animals was actually a bit disturbing. Anyway Myffi much preferred bright colours, and she'd even tried a henna based dye on her hair but because it was so dark already you could only see a faint red sheen when she turned her head a bit in the sunlight. Holland was going to help her figure out how to do something a bit more noticeable, one day, probably. Heather coloured her hair too but hadn't seemed so interested in helping Myffi out.

“Today I'm just gathering ideas of what people might want to grow,” she reiterated in case Ruben has missed that part. “So tell me,” she smiled, “what would you be interested in?”

  • Just a casual observer [reply to Myffi] - Ruben Lundqvist, Fri Oct 13 21:51
    Contrary to what he assumed was popular belief, Ruben thoroughly enjoyed spending time outdoors. His current plan for after graduation was, in fact, largely based around his desire to live off... more
    • No spectating - Myfanwy, Sun Oct 15 11:16
      • I guess I can participate a little - Ruben, Sun Oct 15 22:49
        Wow, she was… excited about this. Alright, then. Nothing wrong with that. To each their own or whatever. It just gave him more to internally snicker about, although those internal snickerings did... more
        • That’s the spirit - Myffi, Mon Oct 16 15:13
          She wasn’t necessarily a firm believer in making up your own mind about someone or something - why would people bother to write reviews of anything if everyone was just going to make their own minds... more
          • But when do we get to the spirits? - Ruben, Tue Oct 17 17:43
            Of course Glasses Farmgirl was capable of yammering on about spell theory as it pertained to plant growth without needing even to warm up. Of course. He should have been anticipating that, but at... more
            • Ludus supra praemium - Myffi, Wed Oct 18 08:59
              Okay fine, Ruben did make a valid point about a serious obstacle that Myffi had been doing her best to overlook. Nothing about the climate at RMI was natural, because it was, in fact, underground and ... more
              • Sorry, I don't speak Science - Ruben, Fri Oct 20 21:08
                “What, you think I lie?” Ruben fired back, grinning. “Ja, actual jelly. Grape. I have a theory,” now that was a phrase he most often heard or used in conversations with Holland, but it seemed... more
                • That would be Latin - Myffi, Mon Oct 23 07:41
                  “Yes, actual sugar,” Myffi replied through a chuckle. Ruben was probably one of the masses who didn’t give any through to where his food came from, like sugar just existed rather than being grown and ... more
                  • Sure, if you say so - Ruben, Wed Oct 25 22:26
                    Her quickness to grant him some sort of ownership over the garden was amusing to Ruben, if not appreciated in the way he suspected she thought it should be. Nope, the direction of his thoughts was... more
                    • I'm smart, you're dumb - Myffi, Sat Oct 28 15:22
                      Ruden didn’t seem at all bothered that she called him on her reputation. In fact he seemed sort of proud of it to be honest. This time he was definitely mocking her when he folded his arms too. Myffi ... more
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