I think that’s different
Sun Oct 15, 2017 17:55

Marley got really excited by the idea of zucchini noodles, which made Nolan feel like he hadn’t explained them right. “Nah, it’s just a special way of cutting them up. Really long and thin and curly, like.” He traced a spiraling motion in the air with a finger. “We use a spell for it, the zucchini just falls apart into noodles. Then you do another spell to dry ‘em out a little, or else they’ll be soggy. And then just fry ‘em up with oil and garlic and whatever else you want. They don’t taste like real pasta but they’re pretty good.”

Nolan liked the noodles with pesto sauce that his mom made with some of the other things from the garden. If you used enough sauce and cheese, you could almost forget that you weren’t eating spaghetti. Mom wasn’t big on healthy food—the Ramseys were about as likely to deep fry zucchini as they were to substitute them for pasta—but she was really opposed to wasting food. At least when there were extra carrots they could give them to the horses as treats. Quint’s favorite treat was the popsicles they made for the horses in the summer time, which were just vegetables frozen in a bucket of water. Quint liked beets, watermelon, and lettuce in his, which Nolan thought might be the least pleasant combination of produce. Quint sure went crazy for it, though, and they always had extras of those from the garden. But horses didn’t eat zucchini, so the Ramseys had to get creative about using that up.

Marley wrote ‘herl’ and then stopped to ask more questions. Nolan thought about it. Oval leaves, used in sauce. “D’you mean oregano?” he hazarded. Oregano would be useful. “Yeah, that’d be good. And maybe rosemary and basil too?” He tried to think of what herbs they had in the garden at home. The ones Marley had already named, and sage and another one that he couldn’t remember the name of. It was kind of minty and earthy.

“I thought parsley was just a garnish. Are you supposed to eat it?” Nolan always just picked it off the soup or whatever and put it on the side of the plate. “I figured it just went in for flavor, like a bay leaf.” Although parsley didn’t add much flavor, did it? “Do you cook much?” he asked, realizing he probably didn’t know enough about cooking to make a seed list. Nolan helped out with the garden, and sometimes with cutting up vegetables and stuff, but his mom did all of the actual cooking. Marley was a girl so maybe she would be less clueless about it than him.

Less clueless. More clueful? That didn’t sound right.

  • But I literally have a brown nose? - Marley, Fri Oct 6 22:46
    Oh, phew, the older boy (or probably older) (she was really just making assumptions at this point, since she hadn’t seen him in class before) (but on second thought Marley didn’t think she’d seen him ... more
    • I think that’s different - Nolan, Sun Oct 15 17:55
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