That’s the spirit
Mon Oct 16, 2017 15:13

She wasn’t necessarily a firm believer in making up your own mind about someone or something - why would people bother to write reviews of anything if everyone was just going to make their own minds up, anyway? Or why go out of your way to talk to someone who by all other accounts was likely to be unpleasant? - but Myffi was already making her mind up to agree with Heather and Rose that maybe she didn’t like Ruben very much. It wasn’t that he was being rude or unpleasant because actually he was being quite chatty right now, and he didn’t seem to be very violent even though he had a reputation for just that (and Myfanwy would concede he did look like he could cause some damage), but honestly he just seemed like a bit of an idiot.

“Magic to make plants grow faster and better?” She repeated, wondering if maybe somehow she’d misheard him. She didn’t even know where to start with that. “Gamp’s laws of elemental transfiguration don’t suddenly start applying to food once it’s harvested, you know, you can’t just created crops out of thin air,” she started, in a tone that reflected her smile just in case he was winding her up. If it was a joke then it wasn’t funny. “And you couldn’t suddenly grow a person or an animal so why would you suddenly grow vegetation? Even if you could magically enhance the growth rate of something then it surely wouldn’t have the same taste or nutrient value as it should,” she postulated, her Welsh accent becoming more pronounced as it always did when she became enthusiastic. “It would be an illusion, like drinking an age potion doesn’t actually make you older, it doesn’t change the course of time to suddenly make your existence retroactively longer.” She chuckled, because that was quite funny, really, to think that casting a spell on a growing vegetable would change the fabric of time. It was amusingly far-fetched.

“Obviously there are fertilisers and growth-promoting potions you could use,” Myffi addressed the far more sensible way a person could speed up growth, “but I’m not very interested in getting food quickly, I can just go to the Diner if I want to eat any old rubbish,” she pointed out. “AgriClub is about planet-friendly, organic food, grown naturally.” She made a point to emphasise the last word.

At Ruben’s crop suggestions, Myffi took a charcoal pencil and started taking note. “Potatoes, very sensible,” she commented. Easy to grow, cheap to plant, and yes, they had lots of uses. Beets would also be fine. “I’d like to try growing sugar beets,” she confided, “because even though they’re a popular crop locally, absolutely no farmers in Boulder grow organic sugar beets.” She shook her head in frustration (the fifth year had discovered that when she started working at the shop on Pearl Street and asked why none of the sugar they sold was locally sourced). “Tobacco?” She gave him a calculating look, wondering again if he wasn’t maybe just a bit simple.

“Even if the professors would let us grow tobacco in the first place, it’s not a very effective pesticide, in fact tobacco farming makes huge problems for surrounding ecosystems because of all the pesticides used to protect the crop,” she said patiently. “But you’re right, natural is definitely much better than dumb bug-killing sprays.” Maybe there was hope for Ruben yet. “I’ll be using marigolds which are cheap, more effective, easier to maintain, and don’t contain nicotine,” Myffi said pointedly. “Tobacco would also be a terrible fertiliser because it produces cancer-causing oxidants when it ferments or is burned.” She tilted her head to one side and considered him for a moment. “If you were looking for something to smoke,” she guessed, “cannabis is a far safer option for your own health and for the planet.”

  • I guess I can participate a little - Ruben, Sun Oct 15 22:49
    Wow, she was… excited about this. Alright, then. Nothing wrong with that. To each their own or whatever. It just gave him more to internally snicker about, although those internal snickerings did... more
    • That’s the spirit - Myffi, Mon Oct 16 15:13
      • But when do we get to the spirits? - Ruben, Tue Oct 17 17:43
        Of course Glasses Farmgirl was capable of yammering on about spell theory as it pertained to plant growth without needing even to warm up. Of course. He should have been anticipating that, but at... more
        • Ludus supra praemium - Myffi, Wed Oct 18 08:59
          Okay fine, Ruben did make a valid point about a serious obstacle that Myffi had been doing her best to overlook. Nothing about the climate at RMI was natural, because it was, in fact, underground and ... more
          • Sorry, I don't speak Science - Ruben, Fri Oct 20 21:08
            “What, you think I lie?” Ruben fired back, grinning. “Ja, actual jelly. Grape. I have a theory,” now that was a phrase he most often heard or used in conversations with Holland, but it seemed... more
            • That would be Latin - Myffi, Mon Oct 23 07:41
              “Yes, actual sugar,” Myffi replied through a chuckle. Ruben was probably one of the masses who didn’t give any through to where his food came from, like sugar just existed rather than being grown and ... more
              • Sure, if you say so - Ruben, Wed Oct 25 22:26
                Her quickness to grant him some sort of ownership over the garden was amusing to Ruben, if not appreciated in the way he suspected she thought it should be. Nope, the direction of his thoughts was... more
                • I'm smart, you're dumb - Myffi, Sat Oct 28 15:22
                  Ruden didn’t seem at all bothered that she called him on her reputation. In fact he seemed sort of proud of it to be honest. This time he was definitely mocking her when he folded his arms too. Myffi ... more
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