That sounds disturbing
Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:29

Rose bit back a sigh. Of course Emmett had just wanted to be Kaye’s friend and had managed to put forth the most pathetic effort possible in doing so. The Aquila was unsure what, precisely, about shaving his head would have made Kaye want to spend more time with him, but since it hadn’t worked there clearly hadn’t been much logic behind it. Maybe Emmett had thought it would make him look cool? That made no sense; Rose was pretty sure that Kaye was not the sort of person who would like someone because they tried to look cool. She hadn’t had much interaction with the younger girl, but she seemed like a pretty badass version of Holland. Minus the conspiracy theories.

Oh. That was why Emmett liked her.

With an internal eye-roll, Rose re-focused on the conversation she was having. Poor Emmett was going to be so lost the year after next, once everyone had graduated. The thought of graduating made her stomach feel weird, though, so she moved on. There was plenty of time next year to deal with that stress. Right now was all about making her applications to university look as good as possible.

“Fine,” she said, handing the hat over. At the very least, Emmett should have a better hat. Rose considered transfiguring it into one of those weird Russian to-dos, but stopped herself. Although Emmett would look hilarious, he probably wouldn’t appreciate it. That was the sort of thing best done as a surprise from behind later, in the corridor. Rose made a mental note.

“My family was horrid,” Rose responded, a little too cheerfully. “Connor was obnoxious, Charlene acted like a princess the entire time, Dade was an annoying brat,” that was unusual, she usually spoke about her youngest brother with a brusque affection similar to that which she showed Emmett, “Dad was a tyrant, and the stepmother was just annoying.” Rose would never forgive her father for re-marrying after her mother died, and she definitely would not forgive him for bringing another kid into the family. It had been fine with the three of them, thanks very much. “How about you?”

  • I mean, it could be? - Emmett, Tue Oct 3 13:30
    Emmett did his best to suppress a laugh, which resulted in a stilted chortle. Jealous? Well that was silly. Jealousy was only a thing when there was, like, feelings involved, and that was totally not ... more
    • That sounds disturbing - Rose, Tue Oct 17 12:29
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