Sure, if you say so
Wed Oct 25, 2017 22:26

Her quickness to grant him some sort of ownership over the garden was amusing to Ruben, if not appreciated in the way he suspected she thought it should be. Nope, the direction of his thoughts was headed down a rather satisfying trail, one lined with a homemade vodka distilling station (he’d have to do a bit of research on how to make one of those… or maybe Joakim already had a schematic he could email over? It’d surely be easier to make with magic than the Muggle way, anyways, no need to worry about finding the exact right materials when he could Transfigure literally anything) and big vats of fermenting rum (good to know that was another use of sugar beets - and just good in general; having such a juicy bit of information offered up without even having to prod for it was satisfying. Not that prodding was unsatisfying, but still).

And sure, actually cooking and eating the food would be fine, too. Ridiculous, since there was a whole dining hall full of food every day and why would he ever let that go to waste? Turning the garden into a site for alcohol production was a way more efficient use of available resources, seeing as they couldn’t exactly get alcohol anywhere else here unless you smuggled it in, and making a smuggled bottle or two last a whole term or even half-term was impractical. But fine. They could eat some of the garden. As long as he could sneak enough root vegetables out of it.

Ahhh right, that was why he’d forgotten her name. The unfamiliarity of the sound, plus her accent, plus now he was recalling the spelling on one of the posters, all guaranteed that it was just too weird overall to do more than gloss over. But if he was going to have to stick around the club, now, in order to get his hands on some of those sweet, sweet beets and potatoes… well, he should probably make more of an effort to keep his eyes or ears focused on it. (An and/or was unnecessary, because he really didn’t need to know how to say her name and how to spell it. Duh.)

“Unfortunately?” He smirked at Myffi and crossed his arms again in mimicry of hers. “I hope it has not been that disappointing. My reputation is important to me. Have to keep it… strong.” There was a longer pause than intended as he decided on the right word to use, but the result was alright, Ruben thought. He had a reputation for being strong, and his reputation itself was strong, too, at least in his admittedly biased perspective of it. “Of course, to meet someone for real, this is very much better than to judge only from reputation, ja?”

  • That would be Latin - Myffi, Mon Oct 23 07:41
    “Yes, actual sugar,” Myffi replied through a chuckle. Ruben was probably one of the masses who didn’t give any through to where his food came from, like sugar just existed rather than being grown and ... more
    • Sure, if you say so - Ruben, Wed Oct 25 22:26
      • I'm smart, you're dumb - Myffi, Sat Oct 28 15:22
        Ruden didn’t seem at all bothered that she called him on her reputation. In fact he seemed sort of proud of it to be honest. This time he was definitely mocking her when he folded his arms too. Myffi ... more
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