I'm smart, you're dumb
Sat Oct 28, 2017 15:22

Ruden didn’t seem at all bothered that she called him on her reputation. In fact he seemed sort of proud of it to be honest. This time he was definitely mocking her when he folded his arms too. Myffi attempted a sardonic smile, wondering if it was funnier that Ruben was proud of his bad reputation, or more pathetic. “How is it beneficial for people to think you’re a violent idiot?” Myffi asked, with a generous helping of mockery but actually she was also curious. “Do you want people to avoid talking to you?” she asked. “Because honestly if you hadn’t come here today I probably wouldn’t have come up to talk to you.”

“Of course, to meet someone for real, this is very much better than to judge only from reputation, ja?”

Myffi laughed. “Right. So thanks for coming, I suppose,” she smiled wider, more genuinely. He still seemed like a bit of an idiot, but he wasn’t coming across as particularly violent. But then Heather probably wouldn’t make up all those stories about Ruben beating up a bunch of people - boys and even a girl, too - in the upper years since he transferred in only a year ago. If Myffi was on a mission to make friends with everyone, it seemed like Ruben was on a mission to make enemies. She was pretty sure that Holland and Rose didn’t like him, even though he’d actually been okay so far in the short time Myffi had been talking to him.

“What’s the point of even having a reputation, then?” she queried. “If it’s better to meet someone for real, don’t you want people to make their own minds up about you?” She concept of a reputation wasn’t something Myfanwy was very familiar with, seeing as how everyone in her Welsh village back home had all known each other since they were born, pretty much, for generations and generations. Moving to America and going to Rocky Mountain International was the first time Myffi had ever been around people she hadn’t known for her whole, entire life - she absently started twisting one of the many friendship bracelets she always wore - so it was helpful, in a way, to learn things about people without meeting them. It was impossible for her to get to know everyone well by now. She was doing okay with some people, but lots of people she barely knew at all, beyond their names, even with Heather being helpful enough to offer her own advice and opinions.

  • Sure, if you say so - Ruben, Wed Oct 25 22:26
    Her quickness to grant him some sort of ownership over the garden was amusing to Ruben, if not appreciated in the way he suspected she thought it should be. Nope, the direction of his thoughts was... more
    • I'm smart, you're dumb - Myffi, Sat Oct 28 15:22
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