Dardanius Dubois
Happy Again
Wed Nov 1, 2017 14:09

Life was great again. Danny was dating Marissa, and properly, this time - no random ‘no strings attached’ making out, no ‘we can still see other people’ nonsense - just the two of them, having a great time and not worrying about the future too much, or where they were headed. It was new ground for both of them, but so far it was going well. Danny was doing his best not to overthink everything, and Marissa was stopping either of them from rushing into anything too fast. It was a different dynamic but definitely one he could work with.

Besides the obvious benefits of getting to kiss her again, and to hold her, and spend even more time with Marissa than usual, Danny was relieved to finally be rid of that weirdness between them. It had been a whole year of not really knowing where they stood with each other, or what they wanted. The awkwardness had been palpable, even though he knew they had both been trying their best to pretend everything was just fine, and it had probably affected their whole friendship group at times. Finally it was easy again, and fun to be around one of his oldest friends. The sixth year was the most at ease he’d been in a long while.

With a spring back in his step, Danny made his way to the all-years DADA class with his hand holding Marissa’s. He wouldn’t necessarily do that for any professor’s class, but Cindra Embers seemed fairly chilled out, so low drama public displays of affection weren’t likely to present a problem. She was also Marissa’s Aunt-or-something, although that could swing her opinion of Danny in either direction, if, in fact, it had any bearing on it whatsoever. Danny was aware that his girlfriend - yes, he had a girlfriend - had many more relatives on staff than the average student, so he was following Marissa’s lead on how they might behave together in classes and around school campus more generally.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, Dardanius could not spend the whole class with Marissa because it was one of those predictable deals where the older students had to work with younger students. He kissed her cheek, disentangled his hand, and surveyed the sea of smaller students. Having turned seventeen in September, there was no chance of Danny being able to see the faeries. He didn’t know at what age they stopped being visible, or if it varied from person to person, so his best bet was probably to find one of the younger students, maybe a first or second year. He could probably work with Claudia - his sister did like the familiarity of his company when faced with a larger crowd, such as this - but he hadn’t noticed her standing nearby. Besides, a smaller kid had already approached Danny.

“Hey,” he smiled in greeting. “Just got to check, you can see these creatures, right?” The class was going to be a whole lot harder to complete if neither of them could see the pesky little critters.

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts [ALL YEARS] - Professor Embers, Sat Oct 28 16:37
    “Good afternoon to all of my scholars, young and younger!” The bright, cheerful greeting was something that everyone probably expected by now from Professor Cindra Embers; that didn’t mean it felt... more
    • Anyone want to make a new friend? - Remington Burnham, Sun Nov 5 13:41
      It was good that Remington had Catapult, because she’d been pretty lonely as of late. She’d given Catapult a few treats before leaving for Defense Against the Dark Arts. The excitable kitten mewed in ... more
      • I'd actually like a new minion - Heather Bartel, Sat Nov 11 11:21
        The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was much more interesting than the old one, Heather Bartel mused as she twirled a strand of her long, forest-green hair around her index finger. She... more
        • I'm not that easy to recruit - Remington, Sat Nov 18 22:23
          Oh, it was Heather. Even though Remy was a second year, she knew who Heather was. The older Aquila sometimes tried talking to Dade for some reason, and she was known for being super chatty. She... more
    • Wandering through the faerie lights - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Nov 5 12:34
      Defense Against the Dark Arts was Marissa’s least favorite class, and if she’d been taking more subjects, she would have dropped it a long time ago. She only had Spellwork, Cultural Studies, and... more
      • And trying to keep focused - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Thu Nov 9 23:48
        Anssi had been having sort of a hard time paying attention in class today, because his big brother kept whispering an alternative version of the lesson. Also, they were outside for class and that was ... more
        • Taking my time seems to help - Marissa, Wed Nov 22 11:56
          “Hi,” the red-head said back, smiling at the younger student. It was Anssi. She was pretty sure that was his name, anyway. The kid seemed to have twelve different names. Ruben used at least two or... more
          • I'm fine to take it slow - Anssi, Sun Nov 26 18:17
            At realizing that Ruben’s friend had remembered who he was even though he hadn’t remembered who she was, Anssi felt a little - guilty? Was that the right word for it? A negative emotion, anyways. RMI ... more
    • Gotta catch 'em all - Rose Farnon, Fri Nov 3 09:26
      Since Professor Rasnick had left, Rose had felt distinctly unsatisfied with Defense Against the Dark Arts and was seriously considering dropping it. Outside of school, the sixth-year didn’t mind... more
      • Your mind is like a parachute - Satveer, Wed Nov 15 11:29
        Satveer was content in his little world. An average kid, with average grades and a plethora of people around him that kept him both occupied and out of trouble. His family was in good stead, their... more
        • Keeping track of younger students, apart from siblings of friends, was not something that Rose did so she didn’t entirely recognize the kid she’d asked to partner with her. Well, she had definitely... more
    • Happy Again - Dardanius Dubois, Wed Nov 1 14:09
      • How is it on Cloud Nine? - Andrew Tennant, Wed Nov 1 23:21
        Cindra Embers was probably technically one of Drew’s aunts (because she was cousins with Kat and Abby and sisters with Cosette) but she didn’t come to family holidays and Drew was pretty sure he had... more
        • Blissful - Dardanius, Fri Nov 3 16:30
          He had some familiarity with Drew Tennant, basically because the kid had been living at the school the entire time Dardanius had been there, and moreover because Marissa was close with the Tennants,... more
          • But hopefully not ignorant - Drew, Tue Nov 7 13:48
            “ I don’t use it much, I’m working on wandless magic. ” Well Danny didn’t have to brag about it but wandless magic was pretty cool. Aaron did it all the time. Things in the Tennant apartment... more
            • Omniscience is an unrealistic goal - Danny, Fri Nov 10 15:09
              This class felt like a slight waste of his time - the same could apply to all the upper years, for that matter - as Danny suspected the younger years could probably manage the assignment without the... more
              • What about omnipotence? - Drew, Wed Nov 22 14:25
                Man of few words, Danny Dubois. Or he just didn’t want to talk about his girlfriend with her cousin, which, like, fair, dude. Drew had been hoping for more details. Just, like, how Danny thought it... more
                • Leaves no room for improvement - Danny, Mon Nov 27 11:42
                  Drew was still talking to a spot that contained nothing but thin air as far as Danny was concerned, so he had to assume that the faerie was still there and that his spell had simply missed. That... more
                  • Being omnivorous, then? - Drew, Wed Nov 29 10:17
                    Danny was sarcastic right back at Drew, which was a good sign. He’d meant it as a joke, so good, Danny didn’t take things too seriously. Not that Drew was testing him, because that was stupid.... more
                    • I'm down for that - Danny, Wed Nov 29 14:08
                      Drew said that he couldn’t see any more faeries around them, and Danny had no choice but to take his word for it. He supposed it made sense that if any other faeries had seen what the students were... more
    • I should’ve brought my butterfly net - Holland Keene, Wed Nov 1 13:57
      It was weird that like, everyone in Marissa’s family had taught at RMI, right? Okay, not everyone, but her adoptive grandfather and his husband and Marissa’s mom and now her first cousin once... more
      • I'm not here to catch butterflies - Dade Farnon, Fri Nov 3 08:39
        Since speaking with Holland, Dade had studiously avoided all the upper years when he could, which made the lesson that the new Defense teacher had cooked up particularly upsetting. The new Defense... more
        • Then did you bring a faerie net? - Holland, Sat Nov 4 00:44
          Oh. They hadn’t realized it was Dade. After Dade had pretty much run away from their conversation in the library, Holland had (in their opinion, which wasn’t particularly humble but was usually... more
          • Why do I have to be the prepared one - Dade, Tue Nov 7 10:15
            Dade scowled. Holland talked a lot, as it turned out, and it wasn’t all stuff he agreed with. He knew faeries had different magic than wizards, he wasn’t an idiot, he just thought that wizards should ... more
            • You’re Q, I’m Bond - Holland, Thu Nov 9 21:57
              Holland thought that the thing Dade was describing was an example of conditional invisibility. If an individual met a specific condition—being non-magical or magical—then the spell was triggered for... more
              • Then who's Moneypenny? - Dade, Thu Nov 30 14:29
                Nonverbal magic was something that Dade was familiar with, like anyone else who spent time around adult wizards and witches. Professor McKindy used nonverbal magic a lot, and sometimes he didn’t use... more
    • Faerie finding - Claudia Dubois [3rd year], Mon Oct 30 07:03
      Claudia thought she had good reason not to like all-years classes; she had fainted in one of them last term. Additionally she habitually did not like crowds, or unfamiliar people, although the latter ... more
      • Faeries? Couldn't care less - Marley Chapman, Sat Nov 4 12:26
        Marley had always been a happy kid. According to her mum, she had even been happy as a baby, which was impressive considering how babies seemed to have only two emotions, hungry and sleepy, and those ... more
        • What do you care about? - Claudia, Mon Nov 6 09:19
          It was Marley. Claudia’s first reaction was to smile, because, despite their many and great differences, the chatty Lyra really had become her best friend, and Claudia had missed spending time with... more
          • The Girl Code, duh - Marley, Tue Nov 7 20:25
            “Marley, you are being ridiculous.” Marley, who was increasingly feeling literally every single emotion/adjective/whatever except ridiculous, inhaled sharply at the accusation. The quiet gasp was... more
            • That’s not a Thing - Claudia, Wed Nov 8 09:30
              Marley sounded like she didn’t believe her. Why wouldn’t she believe that Connor had asked Claudia? Except that it was, in fact, a lie. There was no way Marley could know that. There was also no... more
              • No, it's the law! - Marley, Sat Nov 11 00:24
                Marley blew her nose again. She tried to watch Claudia throughout, but her eyes (and really the rest of her face too, forehead and chin and all) instinctively scrunched up when she blew out, and that ... more
                • What is the penalty for breaking it? - Claudia, Sun Nov 12 10:17
                  He said it sounded like a good idea? He said it was nice of her to ask? One of the two girls was obviously very wrong - Claudia was certain that Connor would not find it agreeable to date Marley, and ... more
                  • I've never had to find out before - Marley, Mon Nov 13 00:17
                    Yeah, the hug helped. Really helped. Hugging Claudia wasn’t exactly an unusual event, although it didn’t happen nearly as often as it could have, in her opinion, but considering that they weren’t in... more
                    • How sheltered you have been from the World - Claudia, Mon Nov 13 15:13
                      It seemed like things between Claudia and Marley were more or less back to normal; they were hugging and Marley was talking too much (and she wasn’t crying any more), and Claudia didn’t really know... more
    • The best kind of family reunion - Katherine Kendrick, Sun Oct 29 09:51
      Defense Against the Dark Arts was a class that was amazing . Kit hadn’t been sure about how she felt with Professor Rasnick before Midterm (the professor could be kind of blunt in a way that made Kit ... more
      • Yes, this is kind of a reunion - Ruben Lundqvist, Sun Oct 29 12:20
        Ruben had been strongly considering just skipping class today. He'd already skipped a few times since this new "professor" had replaced the (visually) appealing and actually respectable Ivy Rasnick,... more
        • A reunion of sorts - Kit, Fri Nov 3 09:42
          It was Ruben . Kit had definitely had to think a minute before realizing who the older kid in front of her was because she never really paid attention to older students outside of during Quidditch... more
          • Time to get a move on - Ruben, Sat Nov 4 23:35
            It wouldn’t be true at all to say that Ruben had been expecting an intelligent and/or productive conversation when Kit bounced up to him, but from whatever level of intelligence and/or productivity... more
            • I'm really good at moving - Kit, Tue Nov 7 10:26
              “I don’t want a crup,” Kit informed Ruben, planting both fists on her hips and glaring up at him. “Crups are a lot of work and I don’t want to train it. That’s why Darby is the best, because Darby... more
              • But are you good at catching? - Ruben, Wed Nov 8 00:03
                Darby? He was pretty sure he’d heard the name before, but didn’t have time (or interest) to put any further thought into it, because now Kit was touching his hair. Touching it. Not even proper... more
                • Well Mr. Sassypants had apparently already lit the area although it was clearly not lit enough. Kit fell backwards so that her hair was planted firmly in the dirt and stuck her tongue out at him... more
                  • Sure. -12 skill points to you. - Ruben, Sat Nov 11 21:42
                    Ruben snickered to himself at her insistence that she wasn't a child. “ Ja , good luck with that.” He then watched as Kit proceeded to not only follow his instructions, but took the initiative to... more
                    • Arguably I just hit the bullseye - Kit, Sat Nov 18 11:28
                      Kit was very confused, and not just because she’d totally bounced off Ruben instead of grabbing the faerie behind him. She was also confused because Ruben had just made the weirdest sound ever and... more
                      • I strongly object - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 20:56
                        Ruben had never gotten hit quite like this before. That might have come as a surprise to some, considering his affinity for physical confrontation, but it was absolutely logical and really should... more
                        • But it's objectively true - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:15
                          Ruben’s arm was suddenly in the way of Kit’s helpful wand, so her spell (which worked!) hit him in the arm instead of where Kit had intended it to hit him, which was where she’d accidentally hit him... more
                          • Heads weren’t the most interesting body part to work with, but they were effective. It was a popular site to handle in glíma bouts - literally handle, that is. It was a natural balance point. Land a... more
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