I’m more theoretical
Sat Jan 14, 2017 14:49

Mostly using their arms, Holland pulled themself through the mud under the tarp and decided they would love to never do this again. It was a good thing Frankie wasn’t here—Holland’s Quidditch captain took the sport seriously, and they wouldn’t put it past him to add ridiculous obstacle courses to their training regimen. They’d have to make sure Emmett or Danny didn’t mention the idea to Frankie.

“Wow, RMI must feel so different from that.” Most of the people close to their year were friendly, so Russell shouldn’t have trouble making friends, but Holland could imagine it was daunting to come into a school four or five years after everyone already knew each other. Holland had attended Muggle elementary school, but they hadn’t liked it very much. It was hard not to talk about magic, and a bunch of other kids had called them a liar and some other rude things, so Holland had been completely ready to make the change to RMI.

“My dad wanted to send me to Muggle school. He’s a Muggle so I think he was worried we wouldn’t have anything to talk about if I came here.” Dad had proposed the Muggle-school-and-wizarding-tutor route. Holland and Mom had talked him out of it. Holland didn’t like the idea of relying on only one person for their entire magical education. Mom agreed that school better encouraged the exchange of ideas, and she was a Lyra alumna and wanted her child to attend RMI too.

Dad had eventually agreed, in part because they were right and probably in part because RMI was the cheaper choice by far. “But we convinced him, and we still have tons to talk about.” Like historians’ biases and unexplained natural phenomena. Of course some of the phenomena were explained by magical flora and fauna, like crop circles and mooncalves. Monty Keene loved finding out about things like that, and Holland loved explaining it, and so there was a lot to talk about even if Holland wasn’t taking subjects he was familiar with. Holland didn’t like writing letters unless they really had to, so they always had a backlog of conversations with their parents when they saw them over midterm and summer break.

They reached the end of the tunnel and stepped immediately into smoke. Coughing, they waved their wand around their head and tried to cast the Bubble-Head Charm. The choking made it hard to say the incantation, but their third attempt was successful. No longer breathless or blinded, they could actually focus on Russell. “Ready when you are,” they said, raising their wand to cast Aguamenti.

  • It's a practical approach - Russell, Fri Jan 13 19:17
    Holland, who was not new, was apparently game to work together, or at least game enough to have taken the plunge first into the tunnel. Russell found himself vaguely wishing that he had gone in... more
    • I’m more theoretical - Holland, Sat Jan 14 14:49
      • I'm kind of symmetrical - Russell , Sat Jan 14 17:52
        As it turned out, Russell wasn't entirely the odd one out because Holland's education had almost gone the same way that his had. That was interesting. More interesting was hearing that Holland's dad... more
        • I’m mostly apocryphal - Holland, Sun Jan 15 17:44
          Russell’s water charm came out with all the strength of a fire hose, which startled Holland a bit but got the job done. Their own (more restrained) spell was a controlled stream that they used to... more
          • And a little existential - Russell, Mon Jan 16 02:04
            He nodded and flicked his wand in a tight spiral with a mutter. This charm was one Russell had practiced a lot. California was basically all summer; avoiding the sun was inconvenient, but more so was ... more
            • But you’re less hypothetical - Holland, Tue Jan 17 15:14
              Russell’s spell worked exactly as he said it would, and Holland did their best to commit his wand movement and incantation to memory. He sort of mumbled it, so they would likely ask later. It could... more
              • That's canonical - Russell , Wed Jan 18 19:13
                "Oh, really?" was his reply as he tried not to look too relieved. He thought Holland was a little shorter than him, maybe - it was hard to tell accurately since he was still barefoot and that might... more
                • And not allegorical - Holland, Mon Jan 23 14:13
                  “It’s just mud,” they said, not flinching as Russell stepped into their hand. Obviously they’d prefer not getting muddy, but it was a lost cause at this point in the obstacle course. The mud would... more
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