Dade Farnon
I'm not here to catch butterflies
Fri Nov 3, 2017 08:39

Since speaking with Holland, Dade had studiously avoided all the upper years when he could, which made the lesson that the new Defense teacher had cooked up particularly upsetting. The new Defense teacher was, in general, pretty upsetting. She wore very bright clothes and very bright makeup and was chirpier than any human being Dade had encountered in his life, leading him to believe that she might not be entirely human. He wasn’t sure what she could be, but the second-year was fairly certain that ‘human’ was not it. Being that friendly and chipper was just plain unnatural and Dade wasn’t having it, which was why he was skulking in the back of the group of people gathered for the class. He had already spotted a few faeries in the bushes, so he was glad when the insane lady at the front of the class explained what they were and what they would be doing. He was less glad that she had released a murderous bunch of faeries into the open around people who couldn’t all see them, but Dade supposed that without a bit of danger Defense was kind of a pointless class. You needed to motivate people to care about defending themselves against the Dark Arts, especially when it seemed to Dade like there wasn’t enough much of that around.

Of course, the new professor instructed them to pair up with someone older and Dade quickly slid from the back, aiming to work with one of the older students who did not happen to be friends with Rose or worse, Holland. Dade wasn’t sure who Holland had told about their discussion in the library immediately after midterm, but he was sure that he didn’t want to interact with any of them. And the likelihood that Holland had told someone that they weren’t friends with was low, Dade was pretty sure, anyway.

And of course, as soon as he thought he had managed to get past the older students he didn’t want to work with, Dade heard a familiar voice and his stomach dropped. Oh no. Why was Holland speaking to him? Were they going to try and corner him in class, like they had in the library? Dade gulped, then turned to Holland. At least so far they were just asking about the course material, which was something that Dade could handle. It seemed like it would be an easy class today.

“Probably imperceptible,” he suggested. “It doesn’t make sense for something to be conditionally invisible.” Plus, Dade was pretty sure that his extracurricular research on questionable spells would have already yielded some sort of conditional invisibility charm or something if it existed, and Dade hadn’t read about any such thing even though he had even read parts of the upper-years textbook, borrowed from Rose over the winter. He hadn’t understood a lot of it, but he had read it, and he hadn’t seen anything about that. “Besides, if there were a conditional invisibility charm you probably would have learned it already.” Dade knew Holland was smart, and he was pretty sure they were in Rose’s Spellwork class in addition to apparently being in Defense. Yeah, if there were a spell, Holland would know.

  • I should’ve brought my butterfly net - Holland Keene, Wed Nov 1 13:57
    It was weird that like, everyone in Marissa’s family had taught at RMI, right? Okay, not everyone, but her adoptive grandfather and his husband and Marissa’s mom and now her first cousin once... more
    • I'm not here to catch butterflies - Dade Farnon, Fri Nov 3 08:39
      • Then did you bring a faerie net? - Holland, Sat Nov 4 00:44
        Oh. They hadn’t realized it was Dade. After Dade had pretty much run away from their conversation in the library, Holland had (in their opinion, which wasn’t particularly humble but was usually... more
        • Why do I have to be the prepared one - Dade, Tue Nov 7 10:15
          Dade scowled. Holland talked a lot, as it turned out, and it wasn’t all stuff he agreed with. He knew faeries had different magic than wizards, he wasn’t an idiot, he just thought that wizards should ... more
          • You’re Q, I’m Bond - Holland, Thu Nov 9 21:57
            Holland thought that the thing Dade was describing was an example of conditional invisibility. If an individual met a specific condition—being non-magical or magical—then the spell was triggered for... more
            • Then who's Moneypenny? - Dade, Thu Nov 30 14:29
              Nonverbal magic was something that Dade was familiar with, like anyone else who spent time around adult wizards and witches. Professor McKindy used nonverbal magic a lot, and sometimes he didn’t use... more
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