Then did you bring a faerie net?
Sat Nov 4, 2017 00:44

Oh. They hadn’t realized it was Dade.

After Dade had pretty much run away from their conversation in the library, Holland had (in their opinion, which wasn’t particularly humble but was usually fairly accurate) done a good job of avoiding the younger student. Not avoiding being seen by him—they wanted to be accessible if he had any more questions—but avoiding talking to him. They didn’t want Dade to feel rushed or pressured or whatever, and ultimately it was none of Holland’s business how their friend’s brother identified or what he wanted to do about it. Sure, they were vaguely invested and they would absolutely help if he wanted them too, but it still wasn’t their business.

Fortunately Dade was willing to just speculate on the question with them, which was fun. As far as Holland knew, there weren’t conditional invisibility charms that worked in the way the Lurlina faeries’ magic seemed to work. Disillusionment Charms made the subject perfectly pellucid, like glass or water, but it was possible to notice some distortion in the air. That didn’t seem to be the case with the Lurlina faeries.

Besides, the faeries probably had their own form of magic that created the effect. “I don’t know of a spell like that, but faeries don’t use charms in the traditional sense,” said Holland. “It’s like how house elves have a different kind of magic; it wouldn’t be subject to human limitations. It stands to reason that they could be invisible or inaudible or otherwise unable to be perceived by people older than fifteen.

“And wait, why wouldn’t it make sense for things to be conditionally invisible? I can think of plenty of uses for making things invisible to some people but not to others.” Concealing government secrets from the public, for example. Holland could even think of age-related reasons: parents hiding Christmas presents from children, or alcohol from teenagers. There were spells like the Trace that only affected witches and wizards under a certain age; surely there was a way to make spells affect only those above a certain age.

And there were definitely ways of making spells apply to only people who met a certain condition, without individually casting the spell on each of them. “Wizarding society does things like that all the time, making magical buildings look deserted to Muggles. It usually doesn’t involve invisibility per se, and we can get around it, but it’s the same premise.” When they went anywhere magical with Dad, Bryony had to do magic to make sure the anti-Muggle spells didn’t work on him. She usually just renewed the enchantment on a pair of lensless glasses she’d made for this reason a few years ago. Monty called them his “reverse Clark Kent glasses,” because instead of hiding his superpowers, they revealed supernatural things to him.

Of course, Holland didn’t have a pair of reverse Clark Kent glasses. So whether the Lurlina faeries were imperceptible or invisible, Holland wouldn’t be seeing any today without the charm Professor Embers had taught them. “Up for some faerie-hunting?” they asked. “You’ll have to be my eyes. And-or other sensory organs, depending on how much I can perceive of the Lurlinas.”

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    • Then did you bring a faerie net? - Holland, Sat Nov 4 00:44
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