Marley Chapman
Faeries? Couldn't care less
Sat Nov 4, 2017 12:26

Marley had always been a happy kid. According to her mum, she had even been happy as a baby, which was impressive considering how babies seemed to have only two emotions, hungry and sleepy, and those weren’t even proper emotions but just like body-needs that translated into crying. Marley, on the other hand, had spent most of her time as a baby just staring and trying to smile. She was pretty sure that couldn’t have been it - no way babies could be that easy, not even a happy baby - but her mum insisted that it had been mostly like that and it was a good thing, too, because her mum and dad hadn’t been at all ready to have a baby and they hadn’t even been ‘together’ at the time, so a happy baby was the best way that could’ve turned out. Unfortunately, having a happy baby meant that her mum hadn’t wanted another baby since, as she put it, there was no chance they’d get that lucky again. That logic didn’t totally make sense, because wouldn’t a not-happy baby have made her mum even less interested in more? But even though it didn’t make sense, Marley was an only child and had grown up still being happy which was probably the most important thing, even though a sibling would’ve been fun.

However, Marley wasn’t a baby or a kid now, but a teenager, and today, she definitely wasn’t happy.

This week had started out totally normal. Well, mostly totally normal. The magic sky out of her and Alice’s bedroom window on Sunday had looked much more green than it usually did, although by the time she got outside to investigate, it had turned back to blue, and so Marley had also turned back and went inside again for a late breakfast that was more like brunch It was around then that she noticed, not for the first time, how Connor and Claudia were interacting. Not that she was stalking them or anything like that, of course not! She was just minding her own business eating peaches and yogurt and a big muffin while chattering away to Roger and Camilla, and then she’d realized she had left her wand in her dorm which was such a silly mistake, so she’d apologized to the twins (not that they seemed to care; they were too busy arguing over one of the articles in Roger’s magazine) and scampered out to go back to Lyra, and that was when she saw Connor and Claudia passing farther down the hall.

She and Claudia were best friends, BFFs really, but ever since Midterm, they hadn’t been hanging out as much lately. They’d had such fun at the start of the year, even having girls’ days and doing nail-painting and mini makeovers and stuff, but that had mostly stopped now. Claudia had excused it to being busier with school, which she completely empathized with. Marley was pretty busy, too - Quidditch practices were getting more intense every day and now she had to watch out for Kit on top of herself, since Kit was so focused on trying to whack Ruben that she wasn’t the safest with the Bludgers. But then she had started hearing little rumours about Claudia, and then Connor had started running away from her without any explanation, and then she had seen them together for herself. Together-together. Holding hands.

It didn’t make sense at all. It was so confusing, in fact, that Marley had just stared for a moment before ducking back into the doorway of the Diner so that they wouldn’t see her. This had earned her a weird stare from one of the younger students but she didn’t care, because Claudia didn’t like Connor, Marley did, and Claudia knew Marley did, and Connor knew Marley did, and now a bunch of tiny puzzle pieces that she hadn’t even realized earlier were shaped like puzzle pieces started fitting together and she had gotten a big, awful, heavy, scratchy feeling. It felt like when you accidentally ate a whole loaf of bread and suddenly your stomach realized it was a loaf. Also it felt like when you got corn flakes stuck in your throat and tickling all the way down your insides. Also it felt like when you had to wear four pairs of socks inside your boots because the boots were too thin to keep warm but then they squeezed your feet and were hard to get off. Also it felt like being not happy.

Marley was not happy.

She was so not happy that, although it was literally days later and she hadn’t done anything about it yet, she still felt not happy. She had never felt this not happy; normally the feelings all went away by now. (Then again, normally the things that made her not happy were much smaller and didn’t involve her BFF being a liar.) She was able to make herself stand semi-patiently through the lecture Professor Embers gave (and that was a perfect name, because she was all sparky like a fire, but Marley wasn’t thinking about that right now), but she couldn’t quite follow instructions to find someone older to work with, because right now Claudia was standing alone.

Without wasting any more time, Marley walked over, quickly so that no one else would beat her to the other girl, and stopped abruptly in front of her. “Hi.” There was a whole, glorious speech she had composed in her head while standing at the bathroom mirror this morning fighting with her hair, but somewhere in between retrieving her brush from within her kinky curls and facing Claudia now, all the words had run away. Somehow, she felt actually lost for words. Weird.

“We’re not friends any more.” With that, the words were back. There had been enough of a pause after her Hi that Claudia might’ve started talking too, but for once Marley wasn’t paying any attention and didn’t care if she had interrupted because she still had that awful feeling in her and had to make fists with her hands so they wouldn’t get shivery. “I think I hate you, too. I’m not totally sure ‘cause I’ve never hated anyone before and I don’t know what it feels like, but this feels really horrible and I think it means I hate you.” The more she said it, the more it fit. “Like, I can’t believe you would do that - with - You knew I liked him! And then you just had to steal him, right? Why?? ...Actually I don’t need to ask that ‘cause I already know why. You’re a bad friend, and I guess you always were but now we all know it,” she announced. Marley didn’t want to hear what her ex-friend had to say for herself, except a tiny part of her did, so she stayed standing there, brown eyes locked on Claudia’s face.

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    • Faeries? Couldn't care less - Marley Chapman, Sat Nov 4 12:26
      • What do you care about? - Claudia, Mon Nov 6 09:19
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                  • How sheltered you have been from the World - Claudia, Mon Nov 13 15:13
                    It seemed like things between Claudia and Marley were more or less back to normal; they were hugging and Marley was talking too much (and she wasn’t crying any more), and Claudia didn’t really know... more
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