I'm kind of symmetrical
Sat Jan 14, 2017 17:52

As it turned out, Russell wasn't entirely the odd one out because Holland's education had almost gone the same way that his had. That was interesting. More interesting was hearing that Holland's dad had been worried about running out of conversational topics. That sounded so... basic. Simple. Nice, even? When the Drews were discussing schooling options, a perspective like that hadn't been anywhere near their radar. Understandably, of course, but still. It was interesting to consider the what-if of whether they would've had a similar conversation if he hadn't been disabled.

Was he using the word 'interesting' too much in his internal thought processes here? Probably. Russell didn't think he could help it: a lot of things were different to him right now, which made them interesting. He was seldom interested in things in an appreciative way and that had so far held true at RMI. Not that his interest was clinical, either. Interesting in this (and most) contexts were usually just neutral for him. Observatory. Er, observational. Was that a better description?

The smoke clogging his lungs was a good distraction from internal ramblings. Holland had cast a Bubble-Head Charm, which was a good idea, but Russell didn't care much of the state of his breathing right now - he just wanted the fire gone, and fast. Every time the flames leapt higher around them, he was on the verge of being blinded even with his goggles, broad flashes of white snagging at his peripheries and ripping chunks out of what had previously been the forest. He could feel his heart pounding again, but he couldn't let that stop him. In a way, the obstacle course had become life-or-death.

Holland was ready, and he didn't need to be told twice. "Aguamenti!" Russell's hand was shaking from sudden-onset nerves as he stabbed his wand towards the brightest smear of white, but he was confident in his own abilities. Either that, or his intense desire to put out the fire counteracted his apparent physical weakness. Or maybe both. Whatever the cause, the resulting water roared like an ocean wave from his wand. He didn't see how Holland was doing (he was a little preoccupied) but between the two of them, the fire in their immediate vicinity was put out.

"Let's get out of here," he muttered, leading the way down the path. It took another Aguamenti to put out a final pit of fire - and who thought a fire pit was a good idea? He was starting to question his prior curiousity about having new teachers; Professor Rasnick had put together a good exercise, sure, but she was clearly a bit out of the loop in terms of appropriate lesson plans. One round of crazy fire was enough, really.

Once that fire was out, climbing over was a slice. Easily pulling himself out of the pit, Russell paused at the top to check on Holland, offering a hand if necessary before turning to investigate ahead. He could tell that the colour of surrounding bushes and plants was lightened, a bit fuzzy at the edges, and suspected that it might be a fog of some sort but wasn't entirely sure. "Um, Holland, is that more smoke?" Just in case, he started thinking about spell options. "Maybe we can blow it away, like a fan. I know this, uh, cool-air charm. My tutor said there's a hot-air equivalent but, well, I never learned it, because we don't need it, because... California," he trailed off lamely.

  • Iím more theoretical - Holland, Sat Jan 14 14:49
    Mostly using their arms, Holland pulled themself through the mud under the tarp and decided they would love to never do this again. It was a good thing Frankie wasnít hereóHollandís Quidditch captain ... more
    • I'm kind of symmetrical - Russell , Sat Jan 14 17:52
      • Iím mostly apocryphal - Holland, Sun Jan 15 17:44
        Russellís water charm came out with all the strength of a fire hose, which startled Holland a bit but got the job done. Their own (more restrained) spell was a controlled stream that they used to... more
        • And a little existential - Russell, Mon Jan 16 02:04
          He nodded and flicked his wand in a tight spiral with a mutter. This charm was one Russell had practiced a lot. California was basically all summer; avoiding the sun was inconvenient, but more so was ... more
          • But youíre less hypothetical - Holland, Tue Jan 17 15:14
            Russellís spell worked exactly as he said it would, and Holland did their best to commit his wand movement and incantation to memory. He sort of mumbled it, so they would likely ask later. It could... more
            • That's canonical - Russell , Wed Jan 18 19:13
              "Oh, really?" was his reply as he tried not to look too relieved. He thought Holland was a little shorter than him, maybe - it was hard to tell accurately since he was still barefoot and that might... more
              • And not allegorical - Holland, Mon Jan 23 14:13
                ďItís just mud,Ē they said, not flinching as Russell stepped into their hand. Obviously theyíd prefer not getting muddy, but it was a lost cause at this point in the obstacle course. The mud would... more
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