Why do I have to be the prepared one
Tue Nov 7, 2017 10:15

Dade scowled. Holland talked a lot, as it turned out, and it wasn’t all stuff he agreed with. He knew faeries had different magic than wizards, he wasn’t an idiot, he just thought that wizards should have been able to replicate magical creature magic by now. And if they hadn’t, what had wizardkind been doing, ignoring it? That seemed really stupid, and potentially dangerous. What if magical creatures decided they’d had enough of wizards being in charge and decided to revolt, but wizards hadn’t sorted out how to do their magic yet? That would just end badly. Of course, Dade wouldn’t be surprised to hear that wizards were that stupid because most people were stupid and he’d really only interacted with wizards before coming to RMI. In an ideal world, he would send stupid people to live underground like nifflers or something and only smart people would be allowed to contribute to society since they were the ones doing all the work anyway.

“Yeah, but that’s not conditional invisibility,” Dade pointed out, when Holland brought up the ways wizards hid from Muggles. “And it’s usually charms or whatever that make people not want to do something, not charms that make them not able to see something. Even Diagon Alley, you have to tap the right bricks like a password, it’s not just like Muggles can’t see it or anything.”

When Holland suggested they start faerie-hunting, he realized - looking around the outdoor classroom - that by participating in this conversation with Holland he’d gone ahead and ruled out other possibilities of working with people. Dade scowled again.

“Fine,” he said, looking around again. He didn’t see anything immediately, so he walked over to the bushes closest to them and peered into one of the bushes. Dade squinted, trying to make sure what he was seeing was accurate. The bush was kind of dark, but the second-year was pretty sure that if he did a spell or something to light the area, it would scare off a faerie if it was in there. And he was pretty sure there was, in fact, a faerie lying down on one of the cross-branches inside the bush. Dade couldn’t see very well, but to him it looked like the faerie might be sleeping, so he figured he should probably be quiet. Without looking to see where Holland was, he beckoned to them and once he saw them out of the corner of his eye, silently pointed at the cross-branches where the faerie was. Dade hoped that they would get the picture and not say anything that might startle the faerie awake.

But to be fair, of the stupid people Dade had encountered at RMI, Holland wasn’t one of them. They were kind of nosy and they said things that made him upset, but they weren’t stupid. He kind of wondered why Rose wasn’t better friends with them, but he guessed if they did the thing they’d done earlier in the lesson where they were just so annoyingly sure they were right it made sense. Rose liked being right a lot more than she liked being friends with people.

  • Then did you bring a faerie net? - Holland, Sat Nov 4 00:44
    Oh. They hadn’t realized it was Dade. After Dade had pretty much run away from their conversation in the library, Holland had (in their opinion, which wasn’t particularly humble but was usually... more
    • Why do I have to be the prepared one - Dade, Tue Nov 7 10:15
      • You’re Q, I’m Bond - Holland, Thu Nov 9 21:57
        Holland thought that the thing Dade was describing was an example of conditional invisibility. If an individual met a specific condition—being non-magical or magical—then the spell was triggered for... more
        • Then who's Moneypenny? - Dade, Thu Nov 30 14:29
          Nonverbal magic was something that Dade was familiar with, like anyone else who spent time around adult wizards and witches. Professor McKindy used nonverbal magic a lot, and sometimes he didn’t use... more
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