I'm really good at moving
Tue Nov 7, 2017 10:26

“I don’t want a crup,” Kit informed Ruben, planting both fists on her hips and glaring up at him. “Crups are a lot of work and I don’t want to train it. That’s why Darby is the best, because Darby doesn’t need to be trained. And you are cute, like a really pretty horse. Especially if someone put flowers in your hair.” And at that, Kit did pat the ends of Ruben’s hair. “Someone should put flowers in your hair. Like pink ones or purple ones.”

But Ruben wanted to get on with the assignment for the day so Kit didn’t spend too much time thinking about how someone should put flowers in his hair because she probably didn’t have time because they had faeries to catch and it was going to be amazing and fun and Ruben was going to help her be the best faerie-catcher ever! The slim redhead skipped ahead of Ruben into the forest part of the classroom, which was pretty dark and kind of spooky. It had been super spooky for Halloween which was the best. Halloween had been fun because it had been before Kit knew that Darlene was a meanie and when she thought they were going to be best friends like Rose and Marissa. If Darlene would just stop being mean to Darby they could go back to being almost best friends but no matter how many times Kit gave her roommate the opportunity to be nice to Darby, Darlene just didn’t do it. It was disappointing.

“Ruuuubeeeeen,” Kit called. “Can you make your wand light up so I can see the faeries? It’s dark.” Kit wasn’t afraid of the dark but some people were. Although Ruben probably wasn’t afraid of the dark either. Kit would bet that Ruben wasn’t afraid of anything, except maybe mud. Because it would be really hard to get mud out of his hair. Or gum, Ruben was probably afraid of gum too. Except you could get gum out of your hair with peanut butter, but then you had peanut butter all over your hair so was it really better? One time Kit had gotten gum on her hair and Dad had to get it out with peanut butter and also spells but the spells hadn’t worked just on their own they needed peanut butter too. And then Kit had to take a shower for infinity long in order to get the peanut butter out of her hair and it was so boring. Kit hated taking showers. They were really boring.

“Here faerie faerie faerie,” Kit called, falling down on the ground and putting her cheek against the dirt, looking under a bush. “Here faerie faerie faerie!” she called again, moving around on the ground but leaving her cheek firmly attached to the ground. Something moved in the corner of her eye and Kit spun around but there was nothing there when she looked. “Come on little faeries, let’s play!”

  • Time to get a move on - Ruben, Sat Nov 4 23:35
    It wouldn’t be true at all to say that Ruben had been expecting an intelligent and/or productive conversation when Kit bounced up to him, but from whatever level of intelligence and/or productivity... more
    • I'm really good at moving - Kit, Tue Nov 7 10:26
      • But are you good at catching? - Ruben, Wed Nov 8 00:03
        Darby? He was pretty sure he’d heard the name before, but didn’t have time (or interest) to put any further thought into it, because now Kit was touching his hair. Touching it. Not even proper... more
        • Well Mr. Sassypants had apparently already lit the area although it was clearly not lit enough. Kit fell backwards so that her hair was planted firmly in the dirt and stuck her tongue out at him... more
          • Sure. -12 skill points to you. - Ruben, Sat Nov 11 21:42
            Ruben snickered to himself at her insistence that she wasn't a child. “ Ja , good luck with that.” He then watched as Kit proceeded to not only follow his instructions, but took the initiative to... more
            • Arguably I just hit the bullseye - Kit, Sat Nov 18 11:28
              Kit was very confused, and not just because she’d totally bounced off Ruben instead of grabbing the faerie behind him. She was also confused because Ruben had just made the weirdest sound ever and... more
              • I strongly object - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 20:56
                Ruben had never gotten hit quite like this before. That might have come as a surprise to some, considering his affinity for physical confrontation, but it was absolutely logical and really should... more
                • But it's objectively true - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:15
                  Ruben’s arm was suddenly in the way of Kit’s helpful wand, so her spell (which worked!) hit him in the arm instead of where Kit had intended it to hit him, which was where she’d accidentally hit him... more
                  • Heads weren’t the most interesting body part to work with, but they were effective. It was a popular site to handle in glíma bouts - literally handle, that is. It was a natural balance point. Land a... more
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