But hopefully not ignorant
Tue Nov 7, 2017 13:48

I don’t use it much, I’m working on wandless magic.” Well Danny didn’t have to brag about it but wandless magic was pretty cool. Aaron did it all the time. Things in the Tennant apartment sometimes moved around or changed or whatever because of Aaron using non-verbal, wandless magic. It still startled Dad some of the time, but Drew and Madeleine were pretty much used to it by now. Casting spells without having to do or say anything looked pretty cool, so Drew was totally looking forward to being able to do wandless magic too. Apparently they didn’t really start working on that until fifth year, so Drew had a while to wait. Like he would probably try some wandless spells before then but he wasn’t going to try to master it before fifth year.

Anyway, regardless of working on wandless magic, Danny got his wand from his bag. And then kept the bag on his shoulder, which seemed weird. Like, if you were gonna stalk around looking for faeries, why encumber yourself with a bag? Just leave it with Professor Aunt Cindra. That was what Drew was doing with his pine-green backpack, anyway. He had his wand (cedar and dragon heartstring) in his right hand, but everything else was in his backpack, which he had propped against one of the wooden benches where they had started class. One of the good things about practical Defense Against the Dark Arts classes was that they didn’t need their books and stuff. No note-taking.

Now that he was thinking about it, Drew didn’t see why they needed the upperclassmen at all for this lesson. They were kind of just there to be in the way, since Cindra had said that the underclassmen could cast the Immobilizing Charm. Like, the older students would probably be better at the spell so it wouldn’t take as long to catch the Lurlinas, but the faeries wouldn’t be as murderous because everyone around (except Cindra) could see them, so catching them fast wouldn’t matter as much. Plus they could probably just compliment the faeries until they put themselves in the cages. Faeries really liked attention and it made them kind of silly.

But superfluous Danny or not, they had to work together. Drew led them into the trees, keeping an eye out for faeries. “So how are things with Marissa?” he asked. Drew was pretty sure Danny would not interpret it as super casually as Drew had intended, but whatever. He was dating Drew’s cousin so he should’ve seen this coming.

Except then Drew spotted a faerie so he had to interrupt partway through Danny’s answer. He shushed Danny a little and gestured to the general area where he saw her. At least he assumed it was a girl faerie, but he realized he didn’t actually know the difference between boy and girl faeries. Or maybe faeries were a single-gender species? Huburt hadn’t covered that when Drew had sneakily prompted him to provide a summary of this week’s reading. “You are so pretty,” he said to the faerie, because she would probably stay still if he did that. Danny could totally follow his line of sight to know where to cast the spell, right? “I mean, wow. You should come a little closer so he can see how pretty you are, too.”

  • Blissful - Dardanius, Fri Nov 3 16:30
    He had some familiarity with Drew Tennant, basically because the kid had been living at the school the entire time Dardanius had been there, and moreover because Marissa was close with the Tennants,... more
    • But hopefully not ignorant - Drew, Tue Nov 7 13:48
      • Omniscience is an unrealistic goal - Danny, Fri Nov 10 15:09
        This class felt like a slight waste of his time - the same could apply to all the upper years, for that matter - as Danny suspected the younger years could probably manage the assignment without the... more
        • What about omnipotence? - Drew, Wed Nov 22 14:25
          Man of few words, Danny Dubois. Or he just didn’t want to talk about his girlfriend with her cousin, which, like, fair, dude. Drew had been hoping for more details. Just, like, how Danny thought it... more
          • Leaves no room for improvement - Danny, Mon Nov 27 11:42
            Drew was still talking to a spot that contained nothing but thin air as far as Danny was concerned, so he had to assume that the faerie was still there and that his spell had simply missed. That... more
            • Being omnivorous, then? - Drew, Wed Nov 29 10:17
              Danny was sarcastic right back at Drew, which was a good sign. He’d meant it as a joke, so good, Danny didn’t take things too seriously. Not that Drew was testing him, because that was stupid.... more
              • I'm down for that - Danny, Wed Nov 29 14:08
                Drew said that he couldn’t see any more faeries around them, and Danny had no choice but to take his word for it. He supposed it made sense that if any other faeries had seen what the students were... more
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