But are you good at catching?
Wed Nov 8, 2017 00:03

Darby? He was pretty sure he’d heard the name before, but didn’t have time (or interest) to put any further thought into it, because now Kit was touching his hair. Touching it. Not even proper touching but patting it, like the ‘pretty horse’ she had accused him of being. More irritated now, though still reluctantly amused by her bravery, Ruben swatted her hand away. Not too hard of a swat, of course; it was just a quick smack more than anything else. Kit was a weird kid who should definitely know better at her age, but still just a kid. “Has no one ever taught you to ask very nicely before touching other people? This is what we call consent. Even your sister knows this,” he pointed out, unable to help himself, though he did manage to restrain his automatic smirk from getting too smirk-y.

“Even if I was a horse,” Ruben continued smirk-lecturing her as they parted from the main clump of students, “it would be rude to touch my hair without first asking. And dangerous, too. Horses are stupider than Thestrals, but they still kick and bite when they are offended.” Baring his teeth, he snapped them mockingly at Kit for emphasis. “And horses eat flowers, and I do, too. This is not a good decoration idea.” Yes, the ‘flowers’ he ate were in the context of his woodland hikes and solo camping expeditions, but he didn’t think Kit warranted an explanation. In terms of decorative flowers, admittedly, if Holland or maybe even Kaye asked to put flowers in his hair as a stylistic experiment or whatever, he’d let them... Actually, no, he wouldn’t let Kaye. There was a pretty physical aspect to their friend-thing-ship, but more in a trying to see who could occupy the most space on the couch kind of way, or in a seeing how she would react to him grabbing her by the waist instead of hand way (answer: unpredictably). Holland was probably the only one he’d give free rein over his hair. He trusted hen with it; they understood the importance of appearances. But he was pretty sure that not even Holland would suggest accessorizing with pink flowers.

At Kit’s long, drawn-out whine, he rolled his eyes. “I have already lighted it, you strange child.” The latter half of that sentence could have stayed in his head, but whatever. The way she was jumping around and - well, now rolling around - Ruben was confident in assuming that she either hadn’t heard him or wouldn’t care. Still, he watched her creep in the dirt for a moment before sighing dramatically and tipping his lit wand towards the trees on either side of them. Made it a little brighter, though not enough to be classified as anything but ‘dim’, because that was obviously the most entertaining way to go. Sure enough, the Swede felt something brush against his knee in not too much time. Grinning at the challenge, he fired the revealing spell towards it, and at the lack of a faerie, angled his wand into a nearby bush. Was that an elbow or a twig? Eh, might as well make use of his child labour partner friend’s one-time-hookup’s baby sister. “Kit, see here,” he directed her.

  • I'm really good at moving - Kit, Tue Nov 7 10:26
    “I don’t want a crup,” Kit informed Ruben, planting both fists on her hips and glaring up at him. “Crups are a lot of work and I don’t want to train it. That’s why Darby is the best, because Darby... more
    • But are you good at catching? - Ruben, Wed Nov 8 00:03
      • Well Mr. Sassypants had apparently already lit the area although it was clearly not lit enough. Kit fell backwards so that her hair was planted firmly in the dirt and stuck her tongue out at him... more
        • Sure. -12 skill points to you. - Ruben, Sat Nov 11 21:42
          Ruben snickered to himself at her insistence that she wasn't a child. “ Ja , good luck with that.” He then watched as Kit proceeded to not only follow his instructions, but took the initiative to... more
          • Arguably I just hit the bullseye - Kit, Sat Nov 18 11:28
            Kit was very confused, and not just because she’d totally bounced off Ruben instead of grabbing the faerie behind him. She was also confused because Ruben had just made the weirdest sound ever and... more
            • I strongly object - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 20:56
              Ruben had never gotten hit quite like this before. That might have come as a surprise to some, considering his affinity for physical confrontation, but it was absolutely logical and really should... more
              • But it's objectively true - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:15
                Ruben’s arm was suddenly in the way of Kit’s helpful wand, so her spell (which worked!) hit him in the arm instead of where Kit had intended it to hit him, which was where she’d accidentally hit him... more
                • Heads weren’t the most interesting body part to work with, but they were effective. It was a popular site to handle in glíma bouts - literally handle, that is. It was a natural balance point. Land a... more
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