That’s not a Thing
Wed Nov 8, 2017 09:30

Marley sounded like she didn’t believe her. Why wouldn’t she believe that Connor had asked Claudia? Except that it was, in fact, a lie. There was no way Marley could know that. There was also no reason that Connor shouldn’t ask Claudia, if he was going to ask anyone. “Yes.” She glared defiantly across at Marley, who had plenty more to say on the matter. Because of course she did.

For a brief, hopeful moment, Claudia thought there was a chance they could blame this all on Connor, and her friendship with Marley would be fine. After all, Connor hadn’t told Marley that he was with Claudia, and Connor had been flirting, apparently (this seemed dubious information, as Connor was the very last person that Claudia could imagine doing any flirting of any sort, very least of all with Marley, but it fit her purposes right now to let Marley believe that), and then Connor had agreed- wait, what? Connor had agreed to date Marley? That wasn’t right. That couldn’t be right. Half the reason they were in this mess in the first place was that Claudia had been so sure that Connor wouldn't want to date Marley. Was it remotely possible that she had been misinterpreting her friend, and that Marley had been right all along? It was baffling. Moreover, why would Connor agree to date Marley when he was in an exclusive relationship of sorts with Claudia? Something strange was happening here, and the Cetus didn’t like it one bit.

“And why didn’t you just tell me?” Claudia’s frown of confusion drooped a little as she allowed Marley’s comments to hit their target and inflict some damage. She should have said something. Not only would it have saved this ridiculous run in when they should be partnering older students for class (although that was dangerously low on Claudia’s list of priorities right now; perhaps if she kept failing all-years classes the staff would stop forcing her to participate?) but Marley deserved better than that. Claudia had let her down. Her eyes, already more full than usual from Marley’s declaration of hatred, treacherously let a tear fall, which Claudia hastily brushed away with the fingertips of her left hand (her right was still holding the wand she’d taken up at the start of the class, although ever since then it had been pointing idly at the ground).

“I’m sorry,” Claudia started in a tiny voice, but Marley either didn’t hear her or didn’t care, because now she was talking about something called a Girl Code, which was probably some made up nonsense and that’s why Claudia had never heard of it, but she had learned by now that sometimes made up nonsense was very important to her friend. Claudia struggled to comprehend her words, further hindered by the reality that Marley was crying now, too. Merlin this was a mess.

“I can’t -” Claudia started to explain that she had no control over Connor’s actions, but the excuse fell apart somewhere between her mind and her mouth. “I didn’t tell you I like Connor, too,” she said, pleadingly. Honestly she wasn’t sure how she felt about Connor. She didn’t really like him romantically but she didn’t really like anyone romantically. He had good manners and she liked the way he made her feel valued as a person, most especially as a particular friend, and that was enough for Claudia for the moment. When she’d heard Marley say that she liked Connor she had been so surprised that she hadn’t been able to think properly, and afterwards all she had wanted to do was make sure she wasn’t replaced by Marley as Connor’s closest someone. Marley and Connor hadn’t even been close to start with, so she hadn’t broken anything except in Marley’s mind. “But I should have told you there was something going on with us,” Claudia conceded, brushing away another tear but continuing on as though it had never happened. “I just, I didn’t know how without making you-” she tried, but Marley cut her off to tell her about a faerie.

Seriously? Claudia was trying to apologise even though Marley was being completely unreasonable, and the other girl was being distracted by faeries? Claudia let out a frustrated breath in a huff. She looked up and cast the immobilising spell on the creature, which was then suspended in midair where Marley had spotted it. Maybe her partner would take the Lurlina back over to its cage and leave her alone. Of course then they wouldn’t sort out this inconvenient tangle and Claudia would be forced to overthink it until the two girls inevitably clashed again. Why couldn’t Marley just gallantly accept defeated and find some other boy to focus her attentions on? It was massively inconvenient that she chose Connor as her quarry, and even more cumbersome that she’d chosen to take out her displeasure on Claudia. “I can’t believe you said you hate me,” she said petulantly. “And I can’t believe Connor would agree to a date with you when he’s with me.” She hadn’t meant to say that last part at all, but it had slipped out, somehow.

  • The Girl Code, duh - Marley, Tue Nov 7 20:25
    “Marley, you are being ridiculous.” Marley, who was increasingly feeling literally every single emotion/adjective/whatever except ridiculous, inhaled sharply at the accusation. The quiet gasp was... more
    • That’s not a Thing - Claudia, Wed Nov 8 09:30
      • No, it's the law! - Marley, Sat Nov 11 00:24
        Marley blew her nose again. She tried to watch Claudia throughout, but her eyes (and really the rest of her face too, forehead and chin and all) instinctively scrunched up when she blew out, and that ... more
        • What is the penalty for breaking it? - Claudia, Sun Nov 12 10:17
          He said it sounded like a good idea? He said it was nice of her to ask? One of the two girls was obviously very wrong - Claudia was certain that Connor would not find it agreeable to date Marley, and ... more
          • I've never had to find out before - Marley, Mon Nov 13 00:17
            Yeah, the hug helped. Really helped. Hugging Claudia wasn’t exactly an unusual event, although it didn’t happen nearly as often as it could have, in her opinion, but considering that they weren’t in... more
            • How sheltered you have been from the World - Claudia, Mon Nov 13 15:13
              It seemed like things between Claudia and Marley were more or less back to normal; they were hugging and Marley was talking too much (and she wasn’t crying any more), and Claudia didn’t really know... more
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