I've caught chickenpox, does that count?
Thu Nov 9, 2017 18:43

Well Mr. Sassypants had apparently already lit the area although it was clearly not lit enough. Kit fell backwards so that her hair was planted firmly in the dirt and stuck her tongue out at him immediately after he called her a child. “I am not,” she began, but was cut off by Ruben telling her to look at something. Kit did a reverse-somersault and stood up, brushing dirt off her knees as she went to go look where Ruben was pointing. It was in a bush, so she promptly stuck her face in the bush in order to see the best. Unfortunately, sticking her face in the bush meant that Kit was blocking off the very dim light that Ruben was emitting from his wand, so she couldn’t see much anyway. She sighed very dramatically and pulled her face out of the bush, not minding the leaf that stuck in her hair.

“Ruben,” she informed her partner, looking up. “I can’t see when the light is so - “ but she cut herself off this time, seeing a faerie right next to Ruben. Kit yelped. It was surprising! Oh but the faerie was so pretty, it was so tiny and people shaped. It could probably ride Darby if it wanted to! That would be amazing. Oh, what if Darby had wings and could fly? That would be the BEST! Kit could learn how to make Darby really big and just fly around on him, like a hippogriff but even better! Plus then even if Darlene was racist, Darby could just step on her with one of his big furry legs and she wouldn’t be able to complain about it because she would be busy being squished. Well maybe. Darby was really nice so probably he wouldn’t want to squish Darlene even if she was being really racist and mean. Darby was such a good tarantula.

The faerie looked at Kit looking at it, and proceeded to dodge behind Ruben’s legs.

“I GOT IT,” Kit yelled, launching herself directly at the faerie, not bothering to take into account the fact that Ruben was between her and her target. Never much of one for instructions or details, the actual implementation of their directive for the day had been completely lost to Kit at some point in between being told and entering the foresty bit. She was, instead, just focused on the actual part where they caught the faerie. Simple objectives were the best objectives for Kit Kendrick.

  • But are you good at catching? - Ruben, Wed Nov 8 00:03
    Darby? He was pretty sure he’d heard the name before, but didn’t have time (or interest) to put any further thought into it, because now Kit was touching his hair. Touching it. Not even proper... more
    • I've caught chickenpox, does that count? - Kit, Thu Nov 9 18:43
      • Sure. -12 skill points to you. - Ruben, Sat Nov 11 21:42
        Ruben snickered to himself at her insistence that she wasn't a child. “ Ja , good luck with that.” He then watched as Kit proceeded to not only follow his instructions, but took the initiative to... more
        • Arguably I just hit the bullseye - Kit, Sat Nov 18 11:28
          Kit was very confused, and not just because she’d totally bounced off Ruben instead of grabbing the faerie behind him. She was also confused because Ruben had just made the weirdest sound ever and... more
          • I strongly object - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 20:56
            Ruben had never gotten hit quite like this before. That might have come as a surprise to some, considering his affinity for physical confrontation, but it was absolutely logical and really should... more
            • But it's objectively true - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:15
              Ruben’s arm was suddenly in the way of Kit’s helpful wand, so her spell (which worked!) hit him in the arm instead of where Kit had intended it to hit him, which was where she’d accidentally hit him... more
              • Heads weren’t the most interesting body part to work with, but they were effective. It was a popular site to handle in glíma bouts - literally handle, that is. It was a natural balance point. Land a... more
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