Mikael Anselm Lundqvist
And trying to keep focused
Thu Nov 9, 2017 23:48

Anssi had been having sort of a hard time paying attention in class today, because his big brother kept whispering an alternative version of the lesson. Also, they were outside for class and that was distracting, because there were all kinds of little noises from birds flying overhead and bugs that kept buzzing around his face, and there were even a couple weird tiny people standing on a branch close to the teacher. It was really easy for him to start listening to the teacher but then his eyes would go wandering off and stare at the tiny people instead. Because they had wings. How kul was that?

Answer: almost kul enough that he wasn’t paying attention to Ruben, either. But only almost. His big brother was hard to ignore, especially when he was sharing such interesting small facts about faeries (wait, those tiny people in the tree were faeries, right? They had to be, it was the only thing that made sense, but, wow, he had not even thought that faeries could be real until today). Anssi wasn’t sure quite how seriously to take these facts, since they were mixed up with some criticisms of the teacher and other students. His experience living with Ruben wasn’t honestly very long, but still enough to know that his big brother was usually serious about criticisms, although it was always hard to tell anyways. He always had one of those smiles that wasn’t entirely a smile on his face.

It didn’t seem fair of Ruben to criticize the teacher. She was brand-new to everyone, and Anssi hadn’t been to too many of her Defense Against the Dark Arts classes yet. Still, he already thought that she was a nicer teacher than the one before her whose name he could never remember because she was Scary and his brain iced up and dropped everything when he was in her class. The new teacher was more friendly and more happy, and these were good things to be, in his opinion. Ruben wouldn’t have been to too many of her classes yet, either, so he shouldn’t criticize her this much.

However, in terms of his criticisms about the other students, Anssi knew he couldn’t really judge. Ruben had been here a whole year longer than he had and knew the other students much better than him, or the older ones at least.

After some back and forth, he managed to convince Ruben to let him partner up with a different student. (This was probably mostly because he had promised to join his brother for extra studying together. As Ruben had explained, Defense Against the Dark Arts was only half of the big picture, and he wanted to help Anssi catch up on all the things he missed out on by not going to Durmstrang. Anssi felt like he was too young and not smart enough yet for this to matter right now, but it would be nice to spend more time with his brother.) And, because he didn’t want to go partner with anyone Ruben had criticized, he walked over to the first older student who caught his eye that he knew Ruben wouldn’t be opposed to.

Of course she caught his eye. She had really bright red hair. Anssi’s hair was just boring blonde. It was almost blonde enough to blend in with his dark yellow tee-shirt, but today he had his wide Cetus-striped scarf on, so that helped break up all the yellow. It was probably strange to wear a scarf with a tee-shirt, since it was a warm day, but it was less strange than a turtleneck.

“Hei!” he greeted the older girl with bright red hair. He then felt suddenly nervous, because he was pretty sure that Ruben had mentioned her before or maybe even introduced them earlier in the year, but now he couldn’t remember her name. Hopefully she didn’t remember his, either. That would be less awkward. Fidgeting with his scarf, but not too much because he had carefully looped it around so that it hid his birthmark, Anssi blinked blue eyes up at her. “Yes, we can be being partners. There are two there,” he added practically, pointing at the faeries who were now preening in the attention. “You are Rubens’ friend, ja? Can you remember me what is your name? My name is Anssi, if you are not remembering too.”

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    • And trying to keep focused - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Thu Nov 9 23:48
      • Taking my time seems to help - Marissa, Wed Nov 22 11:56
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