Omniscience is an unrealistic goal
Fri Nov 10, 2017 15:09

This class felt like a slight waste of his time - the same could apply to all the upper years, for that matter - as Danny suspected the younger years could probably manage the assignment without the older students’ help. However he didn’t really have anything much else he needed to do, and while any moment could probably be better spent with Marissa, he acknowledged it was unrealistic to expect to spend every class with her (especially as she didn’t even take all the same classes that he did). So the sixth year didn’t mind too much following Drew as he guided them in amongst the trees. At least he had ended up working with one of the few beginner students he knew a little (the others being his Lyra Quidditch players, and Claudia).

“So how are things with Marissa?” Drew asked without any preamble. It was the sort of query that would sound totally normal if asked by a parent or peer, but didn’t feel quite normal coming from a first year. Even though his tone was casual, Danny wondered if there was more to it; he didn’t know Drew well enough to tell.

Kit he knew a bit better, even though she’d hadn’t been around the school like the Tennant children. Kit was a Beater, so Danny saw her every week at Quidditch practise; she was in his House, so they were often in the commons together, and crucially she was even louder and more exuberant than her sister, so she was difficult to miss.

“Things are great with Marissa,” he replied evenly, with no idea whether or not that was what Drew wanted to hear. The Tennants and Kendricks were definitely much closer than Danny was with any of his cousins (but then he rarely saw his cousins) so Drew probably had at least some knowledge of Marissa’s previous relationships. That was a bit weird, at least from his perspective. Danny didn’t really share his personal life with anyone by choice, whereas Marissa’s seemed to be consistently open to public judgment. He’d never thought that was fair - what she did was her own business - but it was even more unfair when the school was so populated with her relatives.

Dardanius was genuinely hoping not to contribute to the rumours and reputation surrounding his girlfriend more than he could help it. If he could make Marissa’s life any easier, or more pleasant, by being on good terms with the various family members he saw every day, then he would do his best to accomplish it. He already got along with Kit, and he liked Drew, without even knowing him all that well. He thought he got on as well with Professor McKindy as he did with any other staff member - his one-on-one animagus sessions always seemed to go okay and he was admittedly guilty of several instances of attention-seeking behaviour in classes over the years, but probably nothing that had upset the spellwork professor too badly.

He hadn’t had much to do with Mr Tennant; he was the Lyra Head of House so they’d talked briefly about electives, when he probably came off as being lazy (which was fair and accurate), and then chatted a bit before midterm about how it wasn’t ideal to duel in school corridors. Danny hadn’t told the counselor what his problem with Ruben was - he didn’t think Marissa would appreciate her grandfather knowing - but perhaps his own and Ruben’s comparative records of violence might have worked a little in his favour.

Maybe there was a chance he could use this DADA class as an opportunity to be friends with Drew, for Marissa’s sake as well as his own. “Are you asking to -” Danny started, but he didn’t get any further as Drew made shushing gestures and pointed at a spot nearby. Oh right, the faeries. Danny looked where Drew was talking - it was a peculiar, surreal sensation to know that there was something there he couldn’t see… unless Drew was messing with him. He wasn’t in Aquila but they didn’t have the market cornered on pranks.

As surreptitiously as possible, Danny quietly muttered the spell, aiming his wand where he thought Drew might be looking.

Nothing happened. In an effort not to rile the potentially murderous faerie, Danny silently looked at Drew and shrugged his shoulders lightly. He thought the spell had worked, so he had probably missed the Lurlina. How was he supposed to place a charm on something he couldn’t see, anyway?

  • But hopefully not ignorant - Drew, Tue Nov 7 13:48
    “ I don’t use it much, I’m working on wandless magic. ” Well Danny didn’t have to brag about it but wandless magic was pretty cool. Aaron did it all the time. Things in the Tennant apartment... more
    • Omniscience is an unrealistic goal - Danny, Fri Nov 10 15:09
      • What about omnipotence? - Drew, Wed Nov 22 14:25
        Man of few words, Danny Dubois. Or he just didn’t want to talk about his girlfriend with her cousin, which, like, fair, dude. Drew had been hoping for more details. Just, like, how Danny thought it... more
        • Leaves no room for improvement - Danny, Mon Nov 27 11:42
          Drew was still talking to a spot that contained nothing but thin air as far as Danny was concerned, so he had to assume that the faerie was still there and that his spell had simply missed. That... more
          • Being omnivorous, then? - Drew, Wed Nov 29 10:17
            Danny was sarcastic right back at Drew, which was a good sign. He’d meant it as a joke, so good, Danny didn’t take things too seriously. Not that Drew was testing him, because that was stupid.... more
            • I'm down for that - Danny, Wed Nov 29 14:08
              Drew said that he couldn’t see any more faeries around them, and Danny had no choice but to take his word for it. He supposed it made sense that if any other faeries had seen what the students were... more
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