Emmett Lawrence [Lyra]
It's probably not what you're thinking.
Sat Jan 14, 2017 18:17


Welp. This was the day Emmett would die. He should have known it would end like this, forced into extreme physical activity while he was already concentrating on just keeping blood flowing to his brain when it wanted nothing more than to rush somewhere else. He was young, and foolish, and his body was not prepared for this. Although there was only so much preparation you could even do because Marissa Kendrick and Rose Farnon were wearing bras and no shirts and he didn’t want to look but Rose’s bra was neon for Christ’s sake! Where was he supposed to look?!?!

He was a goddamn fourteen year old heterosexual male. And he was probably gonna die.

However, the sweep embrace of death had not yet snuggled him, so ruefully he had to start the obstacle course, tucking his eyeballs and his tongue back inside his head. He wasn’t in much of a rush from the get-go, as he had no intention to be alive at the end of the course, but when he made it to the logs, the Lyra released a drawn-out sigh before grabbing one and hoisting it up on his shoulder. So far, so good, although this would definitely get tiring farther down the course.

Next up was a bunch of mud. Instead of sloshing through it or something, he noticed Rose (who was thankfully in front of him, as her back was far less troubling than her front) freezing the mud to make it solid and then walking across it. Smart plan, he commented mentally. And good for me, too. Emmett followed behind on the frozen path, and it was going until he lost his footing on the ice and fell. He landed with a mighty thud, his chin smacking into the log he’d been carrying.

“Are you okay?”

GREAT. It was Rose. And she was standing and he was on the ground and she was facing him, the resulting angle once again reminding him that his ex’s best friend possessed an excellent set of… uh, collar bones. “Yeah,” he said, approximately zero percent convincingly. “Yeah, fine.” He stretched his jaw muscle and raised his right hand to his chin to try to rub out the soreness. He pulled his hand away a moment later to see a dot of blood, evidence of a scratch on his chin but nothing too serious. His cheeks were probably far redder.

Emmett forced himself back to his feet, raised the log back to his shoulder, and got so far as to be at least off the mud, not sure how long it would last before thawing. “I think if I did anything without messing it up, everybody would die of shock,” he said with the intonation of a joke. A part of him meant it, but he told that part to kindly screw off.

  • Just how physical are we talking here? - Rose Farnon [Aquila], Sat Jan 14 08:31
    After deciding that Professor Rasnick probably wouldn’t care if they showed up in bras and yoga pants, both Marissa and Rose had decided to go that route with ‘workout clothes’. While Marissa had... more
    • It's probably not what you're thinking. - Emmett Lawrence [Lyra], Sat Jan 14 18:17
      • Or is it not what you're thinking? - Rose, Tue Jan 17 13:35
        As it happened, the person who had been trying to capitalize on her frozen mud was Emmett, which Rose really shouldn’t have been surprised by. Marissa’s ex wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and ... more
        • ....*brain explodes* - Emmett, Wed Jan 18 17:03
          Emmett pondered for a second, trying to decide what looked stupider: to say “no thanks” to Rose’s Healing spell for his chin and look like a stubborn, ungrateful child, or to accept it and stand... more
          • Ew now there's brain juice everywhere - Rose, Tue Jan 24 10:32
            Once Emmett had agreed to let her heal the scratch on his chin, Rose reached down and tilted his head up so that she could get easy access to the cut. It wasn’t that bad, but the fifth year didn’t... more
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