Heather Bartel
I'd actually like a new minion
Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:21

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was much more interesting than the old one, Heather Bartel mused as she twirled a strand of her long, forest-green hair around her index finger. She chewed on her gum a little bit more. It wasn’t Droobles, of course, because Droobles was for kids. It was actually a mint-chocolate Everlasting Gumball that she’d gotten on order from the gum shop above the Gum Wall in Seattle. Of course, Heather had added her own used gum to the Gum Wall the last time she’d been when it wasn’t snowing. She’d gone to Pike Place Market for Christmas presents for her family, because it was so quaint. Of course, it had been on the magical side of the market, not the Muggle side - there was quaint and there was archaic.

Anyway now they were back and Cindra Embers was way more interesting than Ivy Rasnick had been. For example, she was quirky. Her fashion style was so far to the left that it almost qualified as catwalk-worthy, which was something that Heather’s fashion-critical eye was always on the lookout for. Apparently this professor was related to Marissa Kendrick, although you couldn’t really tell, but Marissa’s outfits were usually acceptable. Rose Farnon, Marissa’s best friend and roommate, also usually had a fashion sense but she’d been going into this weird semi-goth phase with some clunky docs recently, so Heather had written Rose off for the time being. And Marissa wasn’t usually as adventurous as her relative, anyway. She was quieter. But there was a rumour (that Heather had started, admittedly) that Marissa was back with Dardanius Dubois after Danny had dumped Rachel Afary.

Danny and Marissa were goals, honestly. They were super cute together plus Danny was way rich, probably richer than Heather’s family and it wasn’t like they weren’t well off. Mom and Dad were both Healers, which was exactly why Heather was going to be a Healer. Although to be fair, Dad did a lot of cosmetic Healing now. Heather wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when it came to Healing but she thought being a surgeon could be pretty interesting.

Cindra had stopped talking and Heather had missed most of the lecture, but from the looks of things they were pairing up with a younger student, which seemed like fun. Heather rarely got to spend time with the younger students, although she totally chatted Kit Kendrick up sometimes for the dirt on Marissa. She’d tried chatting up Claudia Dubois and Dade Farnon for the same reasons, but hadn’t gotten much out of either one of them. Mostly the younger years’ drama was below her, except she had heard that Connor Farnon was apparently a player, dating both Claudia Dubois and Marley Chapman. It was totally not in line with Rose, who was 100% boring and had only dated Josh Embers and, inexplicably, Emmett Lawrence. Heather was super sure that the thing with Emmett was a total fakeout after Marissa had knocked socks with Ruben Lundqvist, but then Rose had gone and got Emmett a puffskein and she wasn’t sure now.

Instead of looking for a partner, Heather eyed Ruben. He had a fake-punk thing going on with the t-shirts and the spikes. It was kind of cute and kind of unfortunate and quite frankly Heather couldn’t decide whether she wanted to kiss him or smarten him up. But she kind of didn’t want to go after Marissa’s leftovers, especially after Justin Alderman had spurned her advances last year. Ugh. Having a love life around Marissa Kendrick was so hard. Next thing she knew, Marissa would be playing tonsil hockey with Saad in an attempt to get over Danny. Not that Heather really wanted Zoey Ludlow’s leftovers either.

Realizing she ought to find a partner before all the younger years were swooped up, Heather focused on what was in front of her only to find Remington Burnham right in front of her. Remington seemed like a cutie - Heather wasn’t sure about the bows initially, but had since realized that they were a fashion must with Remington’s hair. So cute. Plus, it was like the kid’s signature accessory. Everyone needed one of those. Heather’s signature was her hair, because unlike Holland she only changed with the season. It seemed like Holland Keene just changed up what they did with their hair when they felt like it, which was like, every other day. But you could get away with whatever you wanted when you were like Holland Keene.

“Oh Merlin!” Heather gasped when Remington told her there was a faerie right above her shoulder. “Stop it from dropping the pebble on me, I don’t need dirt on my blouse. Do you know what this cost?” She paused. “But you’d better not hit me, I don’t need singe marks either.” From everything Heather knew (and she knew everything, most of the time), Remington was a solid kid when it came to knowing how to do spells, so hopefully it wouldn’t be a problem.

written by Austin

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    • I'd actually like a new minion - Heather Bartel, Sat Nov 11 11:21
      • I'm not that easy to recruit - Remington, Sat Nov 18 22:23
        Oh, it was Heather. Even though Remy was a second year, she knew who Heather was. The older Aquila sometimes tried talking to Dade for some reason, and she was known for being super chatty. She... more
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