What is the penalty for breaking it?
Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:17

He said it sounded like a good idea? He said it was nice of her to ask? One of the two girls was obviously very wrong - Claudia was certain that Connor would not find it agreeable to date Marley, and yet here her best friend was, telling her that he’d agreed to do just that, and that he’d been nice about it. Claudia was perplexed; she knew Connor would be very polite in his turning down any romantic interest, because he was always very polite, but even Marley couldn’t mistake a polite no for a yes. She had been so certain that she was saving Marley from rejection. If Connor was just going to date Marley anyway then why had he even agreed to date Claudia in the first place? Although, now she thought about it, he had seemed a little reluctant to enter into their agreement. She had assumed the reason for his hesitation had been related to impropriety - largely because he’d said as much to her. If that had just be a front for him preferring Marley all along then Claudia was going to be furious with Connor, and feel wretchedly foolish about her own assumptions.

Marley called Connor an idiot, and while Claudia would never utter such a personal slight on her friend herself, she agreed with Marley’s sentiments. If he had no interest in any sort of relationship with either of them then he really ought to have said so. It was hurtful enough that Connor had been dishonest with her, but that he’d caused this damage to her friendship with Marley, too, was somehow yet more grievous. She didn’t know exactly what had transpired between Marley and Connor - how could she? - but she resented him for whatever he had said. These were her two best friends in the world and now she didn’t know where she stood with either of them. It was overwhelming. All she had been trying to do was to protect her friends and conserve her friendships, and the very opposite thing had occurred.

“Maybe I am ridiculous,” Marley suggested, between accepting and offering apologies and a lot more crying than the situation really warranted. Again, Claudia had to agree. A little emotional outlet was forgivable, but her friend seemed to be bordering on mild hysteria, which was unsightly, and it was making Claudia very uncomfortable, which merely added to her existing frustration at the entire farcical scenario. Moments later Marley was asking for Claudia’s forgiveness, and in her ire she was extremely tempted to say that no, Claudia didn’t forgive her, and if she wanted to hate her then that was Marley’s prerogative, but then she would be left with no friends at all. Marley was annoying, but she was many other, less objectionable things, too.

Oh good grief, she wanted to hug? Claudia was strictly not a physical person by nature, but she had become accustomed to Marley’s spontaneous contact, and didn’t usually object to it. Of course usually she was content to be in Marley’s company, but right now they had been arguing, and Marley was all moist and sniffly, and Claudia was still getting over being told by someone that they hated her. She didn’t want to hug Marey. But she didn’t want to keep fighting, either. Digging her fingernails into her palms, she took a breath and stepped a little closer, allowing the hug to take place. She patted Marley a little awkwardly on her shoulder and then stepped back out of the contact as soon as it seemed possible to do so. She might have put a little more space between them than there had been previously as she relaxed her hands and started to breathe again.

“I forgive you,” she said, evenly. At least one of them had their emotions in check. “So what should we do now?” She felt like she should call a halt to her agreement with Connor, in light of the possibility that he maybe wanted to date Marley after all, and because he had almost broken her friendship with the Lyra, but she surprised herself by realising that she didn’t actually want to. She had always enjoyed Connor’s company, and he liked the way he made her feel with his continued politeness and consideration of others, but she most particularly had begun to take pleasure in meeting a someone for a regular and exclusive rendezvous; her self-worth had grown a little over the months she had been with Connor. Even the hand-holding wasn’t as objectionable as she had first thought it might be. Besides, if she did end things with Connor only to then witness him date Marley, she would certainly regret it. Seeing her two friends out together without being able to join them would be very unpleasant, she was sure of it. She supposed, with another twinge of guilt, that might explain why Marley had reacted quite so violently.

  • No, it's the law! - Marley, Sat Nov 11 00:24
    Marley blew her nose again. She tried to watch Claudia throughout, but her eyes (and really the rest of her face too, forehead and chin and all) instinctively scrunched up when she blew out, and that ... more
    • What is the penalty for breaking it? - Claudia, Sun Nov 12 10:17
      • I've never had to find out before - Marley, Mon Nov 13 00:17
        Yeah, the hug helped. Really helped. Hugging Claudia wasn’t exactly an unusual event, although it didn’t happen nearly as often as it could have, in her opinion, but considering that they weren’t in... more
        • How sheltered you have been from the World - Claudia, Mon Nov 13 15:13
          It seemed like things between Claudia and Marley were more or less back to normal; they were hugging and Marley was talking too much (and she wasn’t crying any more), and Claudia didn’t really know... more
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