Your mind is like a parachute
Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:29

Satveer was content in his little world. An average kid, with average grades and a plethora of people around him that kept him both occupied and out of trouble. His family was in good stead, their business was taking off and the wizarding world was stable (or at least that’s what was reported). Whilst there were muggle issues that occasionally caused ripples on the millpond that is the wizarding world, it rarely caused issues that warranted anything more than page 3 of the local rag. Satveer occasionally browsed the paper from time to time – he mostly kept it for the comics in the back.

Defence Against the Dark Arts, as far as he understood it, was a staple to wizarding education! Satveer saw it, with equal parts comedy and irony. Like teaching American muggle children to use guns. Or Chinese muggle children Karate! All just in case they ever have an armed assailant or ninja on the loose. Whilst it was a witty idea, and in no way a reflection of what happened in the real muggle world, it made for fun cartoon parodies. Satveer however did appreciated the importance of Defence Against the Dark Arts. Any stone that ripples the wizarding millpond could cause a tsunami in the ocean that was the rest of humanity.

Life, lessons and affirmation aside, Satveer couldn’t help but feel distracted as Professor Embers introduced her lesson. Throughout her address, Satveer found himself being fixating on something beyond her shoulder, far in the distance. Only a glint of light every so often, but it was enough for Satveer to break his concentration until the words “strangling you with it” fell upon his distracted ears. What was it with this school and killing the students? It wasn’t like RMI was over capacity!

Refocusing on her address, Satveer repeated the spell “Immobulus”, as Professor Embers continued her jolly death threats and descriptions of ugly faerie torture. It wasn’t one of his stronger spells and he feared it could let him down.

The prospect of death, or at least rashes, boils and sores, forced Satveer to focus. Clearly, he was going to be the eyes and ears of someone’s party. A year 5 or above would be ideal but Satveer hadn’t really socialised with any to enable an easy partnership…

”Do you want to work together?”

Satveer heard the invite and looked around until he caught sight of Rose approaching him. As she neared “that would be good. Yes please” Satveer smiled. No sooner had the second syllable ‘ease’ left his lips, Satveer unconsciously leaded past Rose to see the light glimmer by a bench 20 yards out.

As he focused, a preposterous, wonderful, ultimately hippy, idea formed.

His focus unbreaking, Satveer’s smile turned into a smirk “If the faeries are as vain as they are beautiful, who do we need immboulus?” He stood straightening himself out. Aware that Rose may not fully get what he was talking about, or even where he was going, he continued “If mediocris revelio lets you see the faeries, could we charm” he paused… aware that he may get a lecture from an older student about charming things… “sweet talk a faerie into a cage?” He stopped, looking back at the slightly confused 6th year.

  • Gotta catch 'em all - Rose Farnon, Fri Nov 3 09:26
    Since Professor Rasnick had left, Rose had felt distinctly unsatisfied with Defense Against the Dark Arts and was seriously considering dropping it. Outside of school, the sixth-year didn’t mind... more
    • Your mind is like a parachute - Satveer, Wed Nov 15 11:29
      • Keeping track of younger students, apart from siblings of friends, was not something that Rose did so she didn’t entirely recognize the kid she’d asked to partner with her. Well, she had definitely... more
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