I'm not that easy to recruit
Sat Nov 18, 2017 22:23

Oh, it was Heather.

Even though Remy was a second year, she knew who Heather was. The older Aquila sometimes tried talking to Dade for some reason, and she was known for being super chatty. She spread gossip everywhere she went with whoever she talked to. It definitely wasn’t Remy’s favorite thing.

She understood the purpose of gossip, sure. It still seemed kind of wrong, though, and rude. The Draco couldn’t imagine spreading private information about someone with others. Well, maybe she’d tell Dade about some things if they seemed really worth sharing, but Dade hardly counted. He’d never gossip. If she said something to Dade, it would end with Dade. Heather told people with the express goal of the other person sharing that information. She couldn’t imagine that being a particularly good quality in a friend, but Heather was super popular and had her own steadfast friend group so… whatever, Remington was a second year with a best friend she barely got to talk to lately, so what did she know?

“Oh Merlin! Stop it from dropping the pebble on me, I don’t need dirt on my blouse. Do you know what this cost? But you’d better not hit me, I don’t need singe marks either.”

Well, she certainly knew how to do a spell. And that there were certainly charms to help Heather if her precious blouse did get damaged. Like, it wouldn’t be hard to get dirt out of a blouse. A Muggle washing machine could do that. And as for singe marks? Yeah, there had to be a spell for that. Remington held back the urge to roll her brown eyes and quickly cast the spell.

The faerie, who had been seconds away from dropping the pebble, fixed Remington with a very betrayed look when the spell hit it square in the chest. It was almost as if the faerie was saying, “this girl is prettier than she deserves to be, she must be stopped, I was helping!”

“Got it. Looks like I saved your blouse just in time,” Remy said, tucking her wand safely behind her ear and nodding to a spot just above Heather’s shoulder, “If you wanna try the other spell, we can do that and then take it to the cage.”

  • I'd actually like a new minion - Heather Bartel, Sat Nov 11 11:21
    The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was much more interesting than the old one, Heather Bartel mused as she twirled a strand of her long, forest-green hair around her index finger. She... more
    • I'm not that easy to recruit - Remington, Sat Nov 18 22:23
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