Taking my time seems to help
Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:56

“Hi,” the red-head said back, smiling at the younger student. It was Anssi. She was pretty sure that was his name, anyway. The kid seemed to have twelve different names. Ruben used at least two or three different ones for his relative. Marissa didn’t quite understand how they were related. She was hardly one to judge family structures, though. With Garen and Aaron, Drew and Madeleine, and now Kit and Cindra, nothing made much sense. It was getting way too complicated to explain her family ties to new people. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but with Rocky Mountain International getting at least one new transfer a semester lately, it mattered.

Anyway, the other reason she didn’t understand Ruben and Anssi’s relation was that he was so sweet and cute. Did Ruben used to be like that? Oh, there was no way. And it’d be impossible for Anssi to turn into Ruben. She’d not interacted with the younger Swede much at all, but look at him! What an adorable little cinnamon roll.

Yes, we can be being partners. There are two there. You are Rubens’ friend, ja? Can you remember me what is your name? My name is Anssi, if you are not remembering too.”

“I remember you,” she said brightly, twirling her wand between her fingertips absentmindedly as she turned her green eyed gaze towards the faeries. Well, where she thought the faeries were, based on where Anssi pointed. “My name is Marissa.”

She wouldn’t call herself Ruben’s friend; she didn’t think he had many friends right now. Marissa didn’t know if she could ever really be Ruben’s friend after she’d hooked up with him. Plus, he and Danny had a fight, and she wasn’t comfortable with that at all. Rose didn’t seem to like him anymore, which gave Marissa less of a reason to want to repair their friendship. She planned on asking Holland where they sat on the whole Ruben thing. Usually, she’d wait until they had a shopping day, but their next one was with Russell. It was likely that Marissa would still bring it up anyway; she’d still try to wait until they had privacy. Really, it seemed like Ruben’s only friend was Kaye, and it was really hard to tell what kind of friends they even were. Were they dating? Hooking up? Just friends who were super comfortable with each other? Not even Heather seemed to know, and Heather lived with the other Aquila. Marissa didn’t need to know everything about everyone the way that Heather did, but damn, it was a mystery that she really wanted solved.

“They’re right there?” Marissa asked again for confirmation and raised her wand. She cast the spell, then looked at the younger student again with a bright smile. She briefly wondered where Kit and Ruben were. Hopefully, Kit wasn’t being too tortured by the older Swede. It was almost funny that the two of them ended up partnered with the other’s younger sibling. “I like your scarf, by the way. Very cute. Did I get them?”

  • And trying to keep focused - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Thu Nov 9 23:48
    Anssi had been having sort of a hard time paying attention in class today, because his big brother kept whispering an alternative version of the lesson. Also, they were outside for class and that was ... more
    • Taking my time seems to help - Marissa, Wed Nov 22 11:56
      • I'm fine to take it slow - Anssi, Sun Nov 26 18:17
        At realizing that Ruben’s friend had remembered who he was even though he hadn’t remembered who she was, Anssi felt a little - guilty? Was that the right word for it? A negative emotion, anyways. RMI ... more
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