What about omnipotence?
Wed Nov 22, 2017 14:25

Man of few words, Danny Dubois. Or he just didn’t want to talk about his girlfriend with her cousin, which, like, fair, dude. Drew had been hoping for more details. Just, like, how Danny thought it was going and if he’d planned nice dates for her or something. Not too many details because ew, Marissa was his cousin and Drew didn’t really want to hear a lot of dating details from her boyfriend. Or anyone, really, yet.

Marissa had asked Drew if he had any crushes, and he’d said no because he didn’t. There weren’t a lot of girls in his year. Well, there was Darlene, who Drew was pretty sure was an actual princess. The damsel-in-distress kind of princess, not the warrior-hero kind of princess, because Darlene was scared of spiders and she always looked like she was on her way to a fancy tea party. There were some transfers too, but Drew didn’t know them very well yet. And the only other girl in his year (Kit was his cousin so she didn’t count) was Yazmin, but she was kind of bossy. He didn’t know any of the second-year girls very well either, except for Remington. Drew didn’t pay much attention to clothes but he always noticed Remington’s giant bows. And she always asked good questions and got really excited about stuff, even about learning boring class stuff, which Drew thought was pretty cool. But he didn’t have a crush on anyone, just friends. Dad said it was important to be friends first before you dated someone.

Drew had mused aloud about Marissa and Danny’s relationship in his dorm room (he heard rumors just like Kit, even though Kit didn’t understand them as much as Drew did), and Huburt had told Drew that dating in school was a waste of time because relationships that started before people were “mature” didn’t usually last very long because young people weren’t ready for serious relationships. Drew had said that based on that, Huburt was probably ready for a wife and kids because he had the maturity of a forty-year-old accountant. Huburt had sort of taken it as a compliment, which wasn’t really Drew’s intention but whatever, Huburt didn’t get jokes the way normal people did so if he wanted to feel good about not being like a kid, that was fine with Drew.

And then Danny just completely whiffed the spell. Seriously, the upperclassmen were here for what, again? The faerie still looked interested in what Drew was saying about her (he was just gonna go with her; if he was wrong then she or he or they could correct him), so he kept talking while he slowly took out his wand. Hopefully Danny would just, like, be quiet and still while Drew did all the work for them, which seemed like the best way to do the assignment.

“Yeah, your, um, your wings are really pretty,” he said to the faerie, who was still paying attention to him, but pretending like she wasn’t. It was like she wanted him to give her a compliment but she didn’t want him to know that she wanted him to give her a compliment. There was a word for that. Coy, maybe? “They’re really shiny and, um, rainbow-y. And your hair is so—immobulus!

Drew flicked his wand in the motion Aunt Cindra had made for the spell earlier. She’d said the underclassmen were supposed to let the older students do the revealing spell first, but it’d be a lot harder that way. Why cast a spell on an invisible moving target when you could cast on an invisible still target instead?

His spell caught the faerie by surprise and she froze, looking none too happy all of a sudden. But she was still floating in the air a couple feet above Drew’s head, definitely higher than he could reach. And he didn’t know accio yet because it was, like, a fourth-year spell. Whatever, Danny could cast the visibility spell and then collect the immobile faerie. “Okay, I got her. Try to miss less this time,” Drew told Danny, pointing up to where the faerie was.

  • Omniscience is an unrealistic goal - Danny, Fri Nov 10 15:09
    This class felt like a slight waste of his time - the same could apply to all the upper years, for that matter - as Danny suspected the younger years could probably manage the assignment without the... more
    • What about omnipotence? - Drew, Wed Nov 22 14:25
      • Leaves no room for improvement - Danny, Mon Nov 27 11:42
        Drew was still talking to a spot that contained nothing but thin air as far as Danny was concerned, so he had to assume that the faerie was still there and that his spell had simply missed. That... more
        • Being omnivorous, then? - Drew, Wed Nov 29 10:17
          Danny was sarcastic right back at Drew, which was a good sign. He’d meant it as a joke, so good, Danny didn’t take things too seriously. Not that Drew was testing him, because that was stupid.... more
          • I'm down for that - Danny, Wed Nov 29 14:08
            Drew said that he couldn’t see any more faeries around them, and Danny had no choice but to take his word for it. He supposed it made sense that if any other faeries had seen what the students were... more
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