I'm not sure I can catch people with a parachute
Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:49

Keeping track of younger students, apart from siblings of friends, was not something that Rose did so she didn’t entirely recognize the kid she’d asked to partner with her. Well, she had definitely seen him around (he dressed like Dade and Connor, which was unusual for RMI) but she couldn’t put a name to the face. Probably a first year, though, given his size and the fact that Rose was pretty sure she didn’t remember him from last year. Not the best partner, probably, unless he was a genius in defensive charms, but the amount Rose cared about the lesson itself was low enough that it didn’t bother her much.

And, as it turned out, this kid was weird. Almost in the same way that Kit was weird, but with something like three thousand percent less energy. He was going on about verbally charming the faeries into cages as opposed to just doing the damn spell. Rose sighed. Clearly this kid hadn’t had enough Magizoobotany classes.

“Faeries are dumb,” Rose informed him, looking down. At 5’3” she wasn’t taller than most people, but she did have some height on most of the younger years. “Dumb as rocks dumb. We use them as decorations, at home. They don’t talk, and there’s no real indication they can comprehend human speech.”

There were other reasons why this kid’s idea was nuts, too. Not only was it unclear if faeries could understand much human speech, it was also inefficient to sweet-talk one faerie at a time when loads of them had been released out in the open. Even if they could understand you, by the time you got one faerie in the cage, five could be preparing to strangle you with your own hair or something like that. And on top of that, the reason why Defense Against the Dark Arts was a class was to practise the spells that would help them defend against Dark creatures and wizards. Admittedly, Rose found the Dark Arts more intriguing than scary or intimidating, and she thought Cindra Embers was a terrible Defense professor, but still it was best, in her opinion, to go along with the actual purpose of the class.

“So two questions. One, what’s your name? And two, do you see a faerie?” Hopefully that would help the kid focus and get the show on the road, so to speak.

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    • I'm not sure I can catch people with a parachute - Rose, Fri Nov 24 10:49
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