I'm fine to take it slow
Sun Nov 26, 2017 18:17

At realizing that Ruben’s friend had remembered who he was even though he hadn’t remembered who she was, Anssi felt a little - guilty? Was that the right word for it? A negative emotion, anyways. RMI wasn’t as small as his school in Umeå but it was a lot smaller than the school in Houston he had joined for just a few months after they moved last year. He should probably be able to remember everyone’s names by now. Especially the names of those in Ruben’s year-group, since there were not very many of the older students and Ruben and Kaye had definitely talked about all of them when they let Anssi occasionally tag along on their hangouts.

But even though the girl - sorry, Marissa - remembering his name meant that he felt bad for not remembering her name, the fact still remained that she had remembered his name. That also made him feel an emotion he couldn’t quite figure out the right word for, but it was positive and kind of fuzzy. Anssi smiled up at her. “Hi, Marissa.” He couldn’t think of the last time that one of Ruben’s cool older friends had remembered his name. Well, Ruben hadn’t really ever invited his Durmstrang friends home over breaks, only went home with them instead sometimes, and any neighbourhood friends were more like family friends so didn’t count the same as right now.

Round blue eyes watched her as she raised her wand. He instinctively sucked in a shallow breath and held it when Marissa cast the spell. Oh, no, the faeries seemed to have noticed! One of them zipped out of the way just in time, and then returned a moment later to swirl around its newly frozen friend (or sibling, or parent, or just a stranger. Anssi had no idea how to tell what relationship the faeries had with each other. Maybe they would learn about that in a later class). He let out the breath in a whoosh of a sigh. It didn’t feel very good to be catching faeries like this; hopefully being frozen didn’t hurt them at all. But the faery that was still not frozen was acting very strange, going around and around the other one and moving its face in a way that suggested it was making noises although Anssi couldn’t hear anything from this distance.

He blinked in surprise when Marissa complimented his scarf. “T-tank you,” he managed, skipping over the difficult th sound because that seemed much less of a priority than the compliment. Anssi almost always wore scarves, or shirts with high necks, or both, and it was something that the younger kids back home almost always teased him for, not necessarily in a mean way but it was still something they noticed quickly. It was awkward having it pointed out to him. Although, the reason why he wore scarves was to hide his ugly birthmark, which would have been even more awkward to have pointed out to him, so he supposed Marissa’s compliment wasn’t too weird after all. “Uhh, nej,” Anssi continued, shaking his head for emphasis. “One is frozen and the other is being very… stress?” he tried. He frowned up at the faeries. “It is sad.”

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    “Hi,” the red-head said back, smiling at the younger student. It was Anssi. She was pretty sure that was his name, anyway. The kid seemed to have twelve different names. Ruben used at least two or... more
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