Being omnivorous, then?
Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:17

Danny was sarcastic right back at Drew, which was a good sign. He’d meant it as a joke, so good, Danny didn’t take things too seriously. Not that Drew was testing him, because that was stupid. Marissa was smart and independent and she would decide for herself who she wanted to date, and no amount of her family members vetting her boyfriend could change her mind, probably. Even if he failed all the tests. Which Drew didn’t think Danny would. He seemed like a cool guy.

Apparently Uncle Scott had totally freaked out when he first found out Marissa was dating. Granted, he hadn’t found out that Marissa was dating until the third person she’d dated. Drew was pretty sure Uncle Scott still didn’t know about the first two, and there seemed to be an unspoken family agreement among the kids to not let him find out.

But Drew was of the opinion that Marissa could do a lot worse than Danny, and there probably weren’t any guys at RMI who’d be better for her to date. Danny was, like, a gentleman, and pretty smart as far as Drew knew, and not that it was important, but Drew was pretty sure that his family had a lot of money. Again, that part wasn’t really important but it was, like, a perk, right? Although there probably wasn’t any single factor (or combination of factors) about Danny that would make Uncle Scott happy about the whole thing. He could be really dramatic. Not that he was the only one in the family who was like that.

Merlin help them if Madeleine ever dated. Drew probably wouldn’t be at RMI anymore by the time that happened, which was good (not having to deal with any of that) and bad (not being there to look out for Madeleine). Of course Madeleine was a lot like Jessie, so she didn’t really need anyone to look out for her. Except Jessie had gotten pregnant with Drew when she was in college, so maybe that meant that she did.

The faerie looked so tiny and delicate up close, like she was made from—Drew couldn’t think of a comparison. It had to be something small and soft and fragile. Cotton candy, maybe, but she didn’t really look like that. Drew had an impulse to tell Danny to be careful, but then he noticed how carefully Danny was already holding the creature. He added another point to the nonexistent mental list of reasons to like Danny.

He looked around for more faeries, but didn’t see anything. If Drew had to guess, he’d bet that they had seen what happened to their friend and weren’t super eager to come closer and investigate. Just to be sure, Drew tried to look behind some of the closer trees to see if there were any faeries hiding there. He thought he caught a glimpse of an iridescent wing, but then he blinked and it was gone. “No, I think they’re probably hiding now. We should go back to the classroom and put her away. Hey, what do you think Au—I mean, Professor Embers is going to do with the faeries now?” And where had she gotten them in the first place? Could Defense Against the Dark Arts professors order magical creatures sent to them like they were ordinary school supplies, or did they have to go out and catch them on their own? But if Aunt Cindra was too old to see the faeries, how had she done it? And how would she know whether all the Lurlinas had been caught at the end of class? Drew didn’t worry about much but it probably wouldn’t be good if some of the strangle-happy faeries stayed loose in the school.

To Drew’s surprise, Danny brought up the subject of Marissa again. “Yeah, no, I’m fine with it,” Drew answered honestly. “You seem like a cool guy. Just, earlier this year she had some,” Drew paused, unwilling to specifically mention the rumors that had been spread around the school in the fall and unable to come up with a good way of indirectly referring to them, “stuff. So,” and then he couldn’t figure out a non-dramatic way of saying something along the lines of so someone had to make sure your intentions are pure. “We look out for each other,” Drew concluded. He decided to say we instead of Tennants, which was what he wanted to say, but which might be confusing to Danny because Marissa’s last name wasn’t Tennant. ‘Tennants, Embers, Kendricks, and McKindys looked out for each other’ was what he probably should have said, but that was unnecessarily complicated, just like his family.

  • Leaves no room for improvement - Danny, Mon Nov 27 11:42
    Drew was still talking to a spot that contained nothing but thin air as far as Danny was concerned, so he had to assume that the faerie was still there and that his spell had simply missed. That... more
    • Being omnivorous, then? - Drew, Wed Nov 29 10:17
      • I'm down for that - Danny, Wed Nov 29 14:08
        Drew said that he couldn’t see any more faeries around them, and Danny had no choice but to take his word for it. He supposed it made sense that if any other faeries had seen what the students were... more
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