Then who's Moneypenny?
Thu Nov 30, 2017 14:29

Nonverbal magic was something that Dade was familiar with, like anyone else who spent time around adult wizards and witches. Professor McKindy used nonverbal magic a lot, and sometimes he didn’t use his wand either. To Dade, that indicated that Professor McKindy was good enough at magic to be doing literally anything other than teaching here, at RMI. But Dade supposed that if they didn’t have Professor McKindy around they might not have Animagus classes. He went back and forth on whether he wanted to be an Animagus or not, but having the opportunity was pretty cool. There were some spells that he’d found in old, dusty books in the library that Dade sometimes wanted to ask Professor McKindy about, but the context in which Dade had found the spells had, thus far, led him to not let anyone other than Remington know what was going on. And Kit, but only when he used them on her. She was probably too dumb to know that they weren’t spells older students learned, anyway.

So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when Holland pointed their wand at the bush where Dade was pointing and the faerie, whose wings had been fluttering silently in its sleep, suddenly froze. Uncharacteristically, Dade grinned. Okay, that was pretty cool, being able to silently freeze things like that. He wondered if it would work on people the same way. Although Kit had become the bizarrely willing target of his spellwork-oriented adventures, Dade’s loathing of his roommates remained. Being able to freeze one of them in their sleep sounded fantastic. How long would it work for? Would it be long enough for Dade to get in some time studying, or something else, in his room? There was also the question of getting caught, which Dade did not particularly want to happen. He wondered if he could play it off as an accident, or something like that?

Dade added it to his list of things to contemplate later, since for now he should probably focus on the assignment at hand. Unless - Holland could probably answer some of those questions. If they liked being right so much, they should know a lot of stuff, anyway.

Scooping the faerie up in both hands (although he really only needed one, Dade figured that he might lose points on the assignment if he broke a faerie), Dade stepped closer to Holland and offered it to them. They still couldn’t see it, of course, but they could probably figure out what he was holding. Except. Hang on a second.

How was it that Professor Embers knew where the faeries were? Or that they hadn’t escaped to the Quidditch Pitch, just down the way? Dade himself was clearly fine, since he could see the faeries, but he was also astute enough to know that if the faeries had got out, it would be a serious problem. If you could only see them if you were younger than fifteen or so, Dade figured that half the school more or less wouldn’t be able to see the faeries, which could mean absolute havoc. What kind of idiot was this new professor, anyway?

“How does Professor Embers know if we’ve gone and got the faeries?” Dade asked. “How does she know there aren’t more flying around or something like that? This is a terrible idea for a lesson.” Magical creature lessons were one thing, but that sort of thing should stick firmly with Magizoobotany. With some exceptions, of course; Dade was pretty sure they should only learn about things like dementors and werewolves in Defense Against the Dark Arts, because those weren’t really creatures and it was reasonable to know how to defend yourself against them. But when Dade was in Defense, he wanted to be able to learn something useful, not play hide and go seek with some stupid faeries.

  • You’re Q, I’m Bond - Holland, Thu Nov 9 21:57
    Holland thought that the thing Dade was describing was an example of conditional invisibility. If an individual met a specific condition—being non-magical or magical—then the spell was triggered for... more
    • Then who's Moneypenny? - Dade, Thu Nov 30 14:29
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