But it's objectively true
Thu Nov 30, 2017 21:15

Ruben’s arm was suddenly in the way of Kit’s helpful wand, so her spell (which worked!) hit him in the arm instead of where Kit had intended it to hit him, which was where she’d accidentally hit him with her head. And if she’d hit him in the arm with her head instead of hitting him where she’d hit him with her head, they wouldn’t be in this situation. And that was before Ruben’s arm hit her in the head. In the side of the head, to be precise, and that was when Kit fell down and hit the back of her head on the ground so now there were two places on her head that probably needed an icy charm on them to make sure they didn’t get all swell-y and bad and her eyes were tearing up a little, not because she was a crybaby but because it was surprising and it hurt. And it wasn’t like she was crying, her eyes were just a little teary and her head hurt in two places and she felt kind of dizzy even though she was lying on the ground.

Reaching one arm up, Kit tried to reach at Ruben to help her up, but the first-year quickly got distracted by the overwhelming nausea that happened out of nowhere, and she quickly turned over and threw up on the ground next to her instead. And that was when she started freaking out.

Kit hated throwing up and she didn’t do it often, even when everyone at school had the stomach flu, she usually didn’t get it. But when she did get the stomach flu, Kit got it pretty bad. When she got really sick Mom and Dad would take care of her - it was easier for Dad to get off work so he usually took off to make sure she was okay. He would tuck her into bed and make sure that she wasn’t too fever-y, and when she did get too fever-y he would move her to the couch and change the sheets in the bed, and he would always make sure there was a clean trashcan for her to throw up in if she needed. And then he’d give her ginger ale and crackers once she’d been okay for a little while, and then Kit would eat those and feel better and her and Dad would watch anime on TV (sometimes anime she wasn’t technically old enough to watch yet but they wouldn’t tell Mom) and then she would feel better. But this wasn’t the stomach flu and Kit wasn’t at home with Dad. She was in the middle of the woods with a big kid who had just accidentally knocked her down.

Crying was the thing that Kit wanted to do, but she also wanted Ruben to think that she was cool, like Marissa. So instead of crying, Kit tried to stand up. Halfway through standing up she realized she must have dropped her wand and while she was looking for her wand she fell back down. She was very dizzy.

“I think I need to go to the Medic,” Kit said in a small voice. “But I don’t think I can walk there all by myself.”

  • I strongly object - Ruben, Tue Nov 21 20:56
    Ruben had never gotten hit quite like this before. That might have come as a surprise to some, considering his affinity for physical confrontation, but it was absolutely logical and really should... more
    • But it's objectively true - Kit, Thu Nov 30 21:15
      • Heads weren’t the most interesting body part to work with, but they were effective. It was a popular site to handle in glíma bouts - literally handle, that is. It was a natural balance point. Land a... more
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